tagAdult ComicsNorman and Melissa III

Norman and Melissa III


Norman fucks my wife Melissa in every possible position. I like to watch and masturbate all over myself.

  • Norman and Melissa III

    I watch and wank my meat as my wife Melissa slides up and down on Norman's huge hard on. My wife is moaning and panting. My sweetheart is an animal in heat as Norman fucks Melissa's soaking snatch.
    "Ohhhhh yes..... you are sooo good in bed baby!!!!! Screw me for the whore I am sweetie... screw me hard!!!!! You are soooo much better in bed than my sissy husband!!!" my sleazy wife grunted out.
    I could feel the load in my nuts boil as my wife fucked right in front of me.
    "Norman is the best fuck I have ever had !!!!" my wife said as she continued to slide up and down on Norman's manly meat. Melissa was looking right at me when she said Norman was her best fuck ever. I began to ejaculate all over myself as I beat off. Norman began to cream inside my wife. Melissa arched her back and rode Normans huge whanger as he loaded deep inside her gaping, well used pussy.
    "Ohhhh baby." my wife purred as Norman held her close.
    "You are the best fuck I have ever had!"

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