tagAdult ComicsSmack!!!



Yogi spanks Slut but witholds his own Semen !
But the pics have all turned upside down !?

  • Slut's spanked Bum !

    Slut meekly allows Master to hit her vulnerable butt cheeks!!!

  • Slut on all fours as Yogi smacks her as well as his own ass!

    Yogi not only dominates her but pays attention to his own Mooladhara chakra by smacking his own muscular, macho Butt!!!

  • Self-spankin' induces euphoria in Mooladhara chakra/Prostate gland!!!

    As Yogi smacks his own macho, muscular rump the two petalled Lotus in the Prostate/Mooladhara gland/chakra wakes up and blooms in Joy, Bliss, Euphoria!!!

  • He lightly touches the Tip of his Lingam/Phallus to the.....

    Lip of Slut's Yoni/Vagina and inhaling sharply and witholding breath squeezes tge base ( Kegelian muscleband or Svadisthana chakra) of his Lingam/Penis. Likewise Slut squeezes tge base of her Pussy/Yoni , simultaneously witholding inhaled breath.
    The squeezure cum chaste witholding of friction, ejaculation, loss of semen gives both Yogi & Slut a spiritually elevated eroticism " high"!!!! OM!!!

  • Yogi reaches Samadhi or Total Bliss( Spiritual/Sexual/Intellectual Oneness)

    OM Shanti OM........Amen...........Peace!!!
    From Mooladharachakra to Svadisthanachakra to Manipurachakra to Anahata chakra to Visudhdhachakra to Ajnachakra to the 1000-petalled lotus the Sahashrarachakra in the very center of the brain!!!

  • This pic is right side up

  • This is also righted in correct direction!

  • Right side up !

  • Topside up!!!

  • Rightside up!

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