tagAdult ComicsWar of Sexes

War of Sexes


Submissive, suburban , sweetypie wifey starts working in male dominated Office while Hubby preens in Glory at 'owning' an earning ' asset'

  • Demure sweetypie wifey starts earning

    As Hubby fantasizing fucking his sexy ATM every nite!!??

  • This Wifey right side up


  • Years later .....She is Ceo of

    Her own corporate but her once-Macho hubby is still a lowly clerk!?!
    He feels emasculated, humiliated and humbled by Her dazzling success!!!

  • He feels like a naked slaveboy being whipped by

    Her Majesty Queen Cynthia!!!

  • He feels cuckolded by Her Superduper Success!!!

    'Twas as if She cuckolded him with an African American Toyboi and buttfucked him with a fourteen inch Strapon Dildo without usin' any 'lube' ??!!!

  • Once upon a time Macho MCP is now a.......sigh......sob.......

    Defeated, surrendered Haus-hubby , faithfully washing Wifey darlings panties carefully to Her Majesty's high standards of nit-picky , bitchy hygeine !
    ' Ashton , you must carefully wash my underwear so no cum stain remains , d'you understand U wimp, insect........dirt beneath my stilletoes???!!"
    The menacing undertone of threat never failed to atouse submisdive desires in his once Manly chest??!!!

  • Till he discovered Yoga, will powered Brahmacharya or Chastity vows, Shiva Lingam

    Worship on his endless surfing on the 'Net and suddenly the bleak World brightened up !!!

  • When surprised Ceo Cynthia was abruptly ordered by meek Househubby to...

    Cancel all appointments and rush home to proffer her 'Fat, Slutty arse ' to his ' Godly Rattan cane' ( his words, not mine)waves of submissive pleasure and flames of masochistic Lust engulfed her clitoris and she nearly.....came in her panties......in her plush boardroom itself?!?!
    She had to strip, go down on all fours ,beg for an excellent whipping , afterwards kiss her Lord's feet in abject suplication , gratitude and eternal allegience!!! A butt plug invaded virgin Ceo rectum and she Multi-Orgasssssmedddddd!!!

  • From next morning she wore her Master's chastity harness and sported......

    Humiliating slogans on Tits'n Ass written in bold Sharpie Marker black to prove she was nothing but his Owned property , asset, slavegirl------whipped , marked, belted'n buttplugged : in short tge Full Works!!!

  • Every evening she strips off ands bends over for Inspection by Husband , Lord et

    Owner to strictly monitor if the the naughty, slutty, lusty Ceo cum slavegirl has rubbed off tge humiliating captions on her vital protuberances!?!

  • Steel , kitchen ladle, Pingpong bat, spanking paddle , rattan cane , Master's

    Open palm all reign over her taut, vulnerable womanly arse!!!
    She goes down on all fours , accepts a bushy tail up her anus and prances about their residence as Ash's feisty , sexy but tamed and whipped Ponygurl'!!!

  • He never ejaculates but with Pranayama ( breath control) and Mool bandha

    Yoga mudra ( root locked muscular chokehold at base of Phallus/ Lingam/ Male Organ where Dr Kegel's famous urine shut-off valve exists) and chanting of mystical , yogic sanskrit mantrams or formulae ( ' Jai Sri Lingam' / Victory Sir Penis and Jai Ma Yoni/ Victory Mother Vagina) always witholds his semen/
    Tejas/ Ojas/ Bindu/ testosterone !!!
    Her Mooladhara yogic chakra at her clitoris vibrates with eroto- yogic mystical energy and floods her with bliss!!! Smaak! Slaaap!! Spaaaank!!!

  • Lstly she has to do the humiliating Fanny Bump by wiggling and jigglin'

    Her sexy rump against his Mooldhara chakra yogic centre located at His Prostate gland so he can relax erotically in the evening.........

  • Valentine's Day , 2017 finds Bitch Goddess, Ceo, Shareholders' Darling.......

    Ingloriously hoidted in a most undignified, unladylike pose across Hubby, Dom and Valentine Mr. Ashton Reddit's lean, mean knees getting her derrriere soundly tanned and happily reciting a litany of abject subjugashun' , surrender and submission to He Who Must be Obeyed!!!

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