tagAdult ComicsYogic Masturbashun'!!!

Yogic Masturbashun'!!!


The Kegel myscle or Svadisthana chakra/ center was discovered both by Dr. Kegel in modern times as well as the ancient Yogis in India 6000 years ago: it is the trigger/ switch for ejaculation : but by bypassing the Kegel muscle or Svadisthana chakra at rye base of the Lingam/ Penis the Yogi or Dr. Kegel's followers let loose copious , watery precum whilst retaining the main testosterone or Ojas inside the Male. The so called 'ruined orgasm' ( thus called by tge simpleminded Femdommes and their malesubs is actually an Erotic asset of erotic frustration which creates a powerful pleasurable painorgasm in the Yogi's Mooladhara chakra/ center or Prostate gland and his hazy precum fluidgushes forth thus flushing out the toxins from tge oherwise swollen frustrated Prostate or Svadisthana and thus cleansing the said gland/chakra !!!!
The celebrated Mystic Sri Ramakrishna used to say what you lose in nocturnal emission or watery loss does Not harm you but you must not lose the white Ojas. Thatwatery portion is food!

  • Master casually throws a leg over whipped slut's thighs....

    After whipping his Yogini, Yogi relaxes , leaning the cane against red whipped buttocks and freing his monster cock!!!

  • Yogi squeezes his Kegel/ svadisthana chakra/center@ base of Penis/Lingam

    and Qigongs his slut's sexy buttocks by pressing his forefingers into the center of her glutes and circling pressed flesh clockwise and counter too. Silently he holds inhaled breath in lungs and chants under breath" Victory Lord Penis! Naughty slutty bum

  • he then proceeds to box slut's reddened buttocks with renewed vigour!!!

    Inhaling deeply, retaining breath, Yogi squeezes his Lingam/Penis base [ Kegel/Svadisthana chakra/center] , silently chanting " Victory Lord Penis! Slutty, shameful, bare buttocks, Jai Sri Lingam!!!" Box! Wham! "Phew" mews slut softly enjoying the master

  • Master/Yogi qigongs slut's hungry glutes!!!

    Qigong! Spank! Box! Inhale! Retain! Chant Mantra! Squeeze Root! Mool Bandha!! Jai Sri Penis! Victory Lord Lingam!!! Master wallows in prolooooonged indefinite pre-orgasmic plateau!!!!

  • steel kitchen implements add to masochistic slut's pain/humiliation/orgasmic pleasure!!!

    Tip of Lingam is lightly enclosed by Lip of Yoni!!! Both Master and slut enjoy prolonged erotic indefinite pleasure : Jai Lord Phallus! Slutty, naughty , bare, beaten buttocks!!!

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