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  • Doctor-Patient Talks About Sex

    25 article in The Journal of the American Medical Association outlines a sex-positive health framework endorsed by numerous medical experts, which would be helpful guidance for doctors and patients alike beginning to have these conversations. If it ...

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  • Clerk in Kentucky Chooses Jail Over Deal on Same-Sex Marriage

    A Kentucky county clerk who has become a symbol of religious opposition to same-sex marriage was jailed Thursday after defying a federal court order to issue licenses to gay couples. The clerk, Kim Davis of Rowan County, Ky., was ordered detained for ...

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  • Marion County judge refuses to perform same-sex marriages

    Spokesman Patrick Korten said Day instructed his staff to tell couples that the judge will not perform same-sex marriages. The staffers were instructed to refer same-sex couples to other Marion County judges willing to issue them a marriage license.

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  • Mum jailed for making two young girls perform sex act on her

    Ashley Ragusa has been jailed for nine years for the vile sex abuse described by police as "almost like a horror movie". The 32-year-old was charged with three counts of gross sexual imposition for incidents with two young girls between January, 2012 ...

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  • Critics worried an HIV prevention pill would encourage risky sex. So far, it ...

    Others worried it would turn back years of advocacy around condom use and encourage risky sex. No one quibbled with the effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP): Clinical trials have demonstrated incredible results — more than 90 percent of ...

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  • Will court fine Kentucky clerk over same-sex marriage licenses?

    (CNN) A U.S. Supreme Court order hasn't convinced Kim Davis to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Protests haven't swayed her, either. Will a contempt of court hearing on Thursday morning change her mind? In a federal courthouse in Ashland, ...

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  • I Read Only Erotica To See How It Would Affect My Sex Life, And Here's What ...

    My first experience with erotica was probably around age 6. My mom had one of those books with a peep hole cover featuring a shirtless Fabio-esque man and a busty, scantly clad woman, and I loved playing peek-a-boo with it. It never occurred to me that ...

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  • Man arrested in sex sting day after police press conference

    After the Gainesville Police Department held a press conference highlighting the 21 arrests they made in "Operation Panther," a sting set up to catch men attempting to meet underage girls for sex, a 22nd arrest was made on a man who wasn't able to ...

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  • Fayetteville student facing multiple felony sex charges

    Mark Stevens Adair, 17, was using the internet to entice minors to send him sexually explicit photos and videos of themselves engaged in sex acts and sexual poses. Adair was also exchanged videos and photographs of adults engaging in sex acts.

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  • 'Sex' goes on sale in latest expansion of naughty net names

    While the arrival of “.sex” may be appealing to aspiring pornographers, it also presents a headache to big companies, which face a risk of third parties using the DOMAIN name to make mischief with their brands. Disney, for instance, would not relish ...

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  • A Commodore Erotica – The Perfect Vandy Season

    "Shoot for the moon and, uh, you-know-I-mean... it's not about one star..." - Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports. What's the perfect timeline? For Vanderbilt, it includes some NCAA intervention, clones getting significant playing time, and the heavens ...

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  • Confused about sex? 11 of the most common myths and misconceptions debunked

    With Sexual Health Week coming up on September 14, the focus is on sexual wellbeing and pleasure and part of the conversation around that is to address how for many, sex and sexual pleasure "remains a source of embarrassment or shame.".

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  • Sex over 60 prolongs life: How to inject passion into the bedroom with EROTICA ...

    SEX can be a tricky subject to tackle, but when you're in your sixties the wealth of wisdom should be boosting your confidence in the bedroom. By felicity Thistlethwaite Felicity Thistlethwaite. PUBLISHED: 12:48, Wed, Sep 2, 2015 | UPDATED: 15:19, Wed ...

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  • Sex Police, Back Off

    Calling a sexual interaction that went wrong “rape” when neither party used force criminalizes the inevitable misunderstandings that occur between men and women, especially young men and women exploring sex. It's not clear what happened between two ...

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  • Ex-teacher Shelley Dufresne again admits having sex with student

    Former Destrehan High School teacher Shelley Dufresne returned to court in St. Charles Parish on Tuesday (Sept. 1) to plead guilty once again to a felony obscenity charge for having sex with a 16-year-old student. Dufresne, 32, had pleaded guilty April ...

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  • Men Who Buy Sex Are More Prone to Sexual Violence, Study Says

    “Both groups tend to have a preference for impersonal sex, a fear of rejection by women, a history of having committed sexually aggressive acts and a hostile masculine self-identification,” said UCLA professor Neil Malamuth, who co-authored the study ...

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  • Kentucky Clerk Denies Same-Sex Marriage Licenses, Defying Court

    A raucous scene unfolded shortly after 8 a.m. at the Rowan County Courthouse here as two same-sex couples walked into the county clerk's office, followed by a throng of journalists and chanting protesters on both sides of the issue. One couple, David ...

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  • I'm willing to have sex for the first time on national TV

    “The Fantasy Suite usually goes along with thoughts of sex. I am physically attracted to Jared enough that I am fine with the thought of doing anything.” Rocking a Taylor Swift-inspired crop top with black skinny jeans, Ashley takes Jared by the hand ...

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  • 6 Things people get wrong about erotic fiction

    I'm an erotica author and I'm not afraid to tell you. I write sex — good sex —and there is nothing wrong with that. Right? Well, some people seem to be under the misconception that all erotica authors are probably deviants with genital piercings ...

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  • The millennials are all right, and so are their sex games

    The millennials are all right, and so are their sex games. The sneering condescension and pearl-clutching panic about young people's relationship to sex and technology willfully misses the fruits of an impressive creative movement. By Laura Hudson.

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