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  • Dominant men in erotica fiction could be dangerous, study finds

    Men who read erotica that featured male dominance over women reported higher acceptance of rape myths in real life, a Queensland research paper has suggested. The research paper, titled Fifty Shades Flipped: Effects of Reading Erotica Depicting a ...

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  • I want a baby but we only have sex twice a year

    My husband has a very low sex drive, which I have known about since we met. I thought it was great, because I do too. Yet I often caught him sending trashy messages to other woman, and he cheated on me before we married. We put it behind us, but we now ...

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  • “Don't talk about sex”: The diary of an Indian sex educator

    I trained on legal rights, human rights, and legislations, but had not started training on sex, sexuality or reproductive health, for that matter. Those were reserved for experienced trainers. The above conversation was merely an introduction to the ...

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  • Over 20 Texas towns repeal restrictions on where sex offenders live

    DALLAS — A broad legal challenge has led more than 20 towns in Texas to ease restrictions over the last few months on where sex offenders can live instead of fight a costly battle in court. While other states, including neighboring Oklahoma, continue ...

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  • An important step to reduce child sex tourism

    As principal author of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 — a landmark law combatting sex- and labor-trafficking at home and abroad — I am deeply concerned that the United States has not done enough to address the rape and sexual abuse of ...

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  • Female Rikers Island correction officer charged with raping inmate and bringing in pot

    “I was in love with him. He used me and played me for a fool. I had sex with him on one occasion in the jail a few days before Jan. 30,” she said. “I used a condom. It was in the closet in the morning when everyone else was locked in. It only lasted ...

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  • Case of woman who died after 'wild sex' with 2 men on remote beach reopened 5 years on

    Authorities have reopened the case of a woman who died after 'wild sex' on a beach after she had sex with two men on a remote beach. The victim, known as Norma, died on January 27, 2011 after the encounter with the two men in the back of a van.

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  • Celebrating Life and Erotica in Khajuraho Without Viagra

    For those who want to get away briefly from our country's testosterone-ic political discourse, may I suggest Khajuraho as a detox destination? I was there at the beginning of February, taking a break from the quotidian. It was not just for depictions ...

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  • Cornell Student Faces Charges for Alleged Frat House Sex Assault

    A Cornell University student has been charged in connection with a sex assault at a fraternity house, school officials said. The alleged assault happened around 2 a.m. last Sunday and resulted in the fraternity, Psi Upsilon, getting suspended, Cornell ...

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  • Zika Virus Transmittable Through Sex; Unclear Risk From Saliva, Urine

    The first case of Zika virus contracted in the continental U.S. was reported earlier this week, not through mosquito contact, but through sexual contact. After returning to Texas from Venezuela, an infected person apparently transmitted Zika to a ...

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  • High-Profile Advocate Takes Leave From Papal Commission On Sex Abuse

    One of the Vatican's most prominent critics, who pushed for greater protections for children and harsher punishments for pedophile priests, has taken a leave of absence from the pope's advisory commission on clerical sex abuse. Peter Saunders, a ...

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  • Swarens: Sold for sex — teens trafficked in Indy

    Marilyn Moores pauses as we pore over a thick stack of court records. The files document the sale of girls, as young as 15, for sex. “This is evil,” Marion County's longtime juvenile court judge says. I read through a case file that underscores the ...

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  • Irving teenage killer used sex, social media to control murdered girlfriend

    Racheal Jean Wiest, 16, was a high school sophomore, worked at a Braum's, loved to dance and dreamed of becoming an Oklahoma University Sooner. Of Native American heritage, her Choctaw name meant “Setting Sun.” ...

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  • Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds describes filming a YEAR's worth of sex scenes in one day

    But Ryan Reynolds complained about having to film a year's worth of sex scenes in just one day while shooting his forthcoming film Deadpool. The 39-year-old revealed on The Fix that he and his Brazilian co-star Morena Baccarin captured their characters ...

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  • CDC's advice on Zika: You may need to consider avoiding sex

    The guidelines were in response to the report Tuesday by Dallas health officials that a local resident was infected with Zika by having sex with someone who'd contracted the disease while traveling in Venezuela -- one of the many countries in South ...

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  • Morena Baccarin Talks About Sex Montage In Deadpool Movie

    Part of her role required Baccarin to spend a lot of time shooting sex scenes with Ryan Reynolds, which she jokingly said was difficult because of how unattractive Reynolds is. "It was really painful, guys. I mean, the guy is just so...ugly," she ...

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  • Sex for career advancement: Navy says commander propositioned subordinate

    He is accused of engaging in a highly inappropriate conversation with a woman who worked for him, allegedly propositioning her for sex in exchange for career advancement, according to a Navy investigation report obtained Thursday via the Freedom of ...

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  • Benny James from Croydon says he's bored of sex after sleeping with 400 women

    Some bloke claims he's slept with more than 400 women and now he's bored of sex. Benny James, 22, of Croydon, says he woos women on Twitter but the amount of intercourse he's endured has ruined his life. The builder said: 'I want to settle down and ...

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  • Steven Joyce hit by sex toy thrown by protester at Waitangi

    Steven Joyce might have been expecting some argy-bargy at Waitangi this year - but he couldn't possibly have anticipated getting a sex toy thrown at him. The Economic Development Minister took it on the chin, as it were, joking later that it was simply ...

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  • Police: Registered sex offender lived at all-female dorm at Carson-Newman

    DANDRIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- According to the Jefferson City Police, a registered sex offender was living with his girlfriend at an all-female dorm at Carson-Newman University. Investigators say Justin Shepard was arrested Wednesday. Investigators say he ...

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