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  • Why Athena was more than just a naff purveyor of mild erotica

    So Athena was not just a naff 1970s purveyor of mild erotica. It helped spread the message of art and enabled ordinary people to have a Klimt or a Monet on the wall. Its very name – Athena is the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom – suggests its ...

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  • In Texas, the federal same-sex marriage ruling leads to a dilemma

    When she opened her office Tuesday, Kimble County Clerk Haydee Torres faced a dilemma: How should she respond to the Supreme Court's ruling establishing the right to same-sex marriage? “I've been praying a lot about it for myself, just asking God to ...

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  • ​Erotica Writers Call E.L. James' Disastrous Twitter Q&A ​"Bullying"

    Following yesterday's train wreck of a Twitter Q&A with Fifty Shades of Grey writer E.L. James, The Frisky reached out to some erotica writers to get their opinions. James was bombarded with everything from jokes about her questionable writing skills ...

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  • All TN counties ready to issue gay marriage licenses

    This story was updated Tuesday evening. All of Tennessee's county clerks are ready to or are already issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, according to county staffers and gay marriage advocates. Though all 95 counties in the Volunteer State ...

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  • Same-Sex Marriage Fight Turns to Clerks Who Refuse Licenses

    Davis is among a handful of public officials across the Bible Belt so repulsed by the thought of enabling a same-sex marriage that they are defying the U.S. Supreme Court and refusing to issue a license to anyone, gay or straight. "It's a deep-rooted ...

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  • Despite same-sex marriage ruling, spasms of resistance persist

    "I would like to issue a statement that I will not be issuing same-sex marriage licenses due to my religious convictions," Katie Lang wrote in a statement posted on the county clerk's website. Though the Supreme Court ruled Friday that the U.S ...

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  • EL James hops from erotica to romance

    E.L. James has written a new romance novel and is halfway through another. The best-selling author - best known for penning the 'Fifty Shades' trilogy, as well as its companion novel 'Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian' - has confirmed she ...

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  • Grenada Circuit Clerk resigns over same-sex marriage

    In a letter to the board of supervisors, Grenada County Circuit Clerk Linda Barnette announced her resignation on Tuesday, citing the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Barnette has been the circuit clerk for 24 years, and ...

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  • After Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, Southern States Fall in Line

    The country's last major pockets of resistance to same-sex marriage were rapidly shrinking on Monday as officials in states across the South, citing the rule of law, softened their defiance and began offering marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.

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  • Same-sex marriage ruling faces religious rights battle in Texas

    AUSTIN – As supporters of gay marriages celebrated a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling, a new battle for same-sex marriage erupted in Texas where government leaders asserted their citizens' religious liberties trumped the individual right to marry.

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  • The Economic Reality Of The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

    At Pride events in New York City this weekend, the emotional excitement about marriage equality was evident. But many people also were thrilled about the practical considerations. Colleen Mahoney and her wife Michelle Conklin are New York residents who ...

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  • Will same-sex marriage make America healthier?

    (CNN) A few weeks ago, Carlos Santos-Herrera was in a hospital bed, ill with a rare, severe form of strep throat. He was weak, but conscious -- and worried. His family members' religious beliefs differ from his own, and he didn't want to leave ...

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  • Here's the Confederate flag erotica you've been itching for

    By now you may have heard of the burgeoning new genre of dinosaur erotica pioneered by our own occasional guest columnist Dr. Chuck Tingle. Well now you can add something new to that sweaty stack of bedside reading with Confederate flag erotica!

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  • First Same Sex Marriage License Issued in Denton County

    A Denton County clerk issued the county's first same-sex marriage license Monday saying her oath to uphold the law trumps her objection to the practice on religious grounds. "Same-sex marriage is in contradiction to my faith and belief that marriage is ...

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  • Addicted to erotica

    I have been married for seven months now and things are not working out with my wife already. I think I am also to blame somewhat, if not entirely. I am a porn addict and my wife is having a hard time accepting it. She is not as “adventurous” as I am ...

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  • Let Bristol Palin Have a Sex Life

    That gay sex is non-procreative is one of the main the reason so many Christians find it troubling. (Well, I suspect there are others, less easily brought to light.) They have created a kind of catch-22 of sin by using that argument as a reason gay ...

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  • Catholics see same-sex marriage ruling in disparate lights

    The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide makes sense to Marcelino Victorio. The 43-year-old Catholic said he believes that as long as there is love, the couple's genders shouldn't matter. "They should have the right to ...

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  • With Same-Sex Decision, Evangelical Churches Address New Reality

    In downtown Chicago, as in several other cities around the country, Sunday was marked by jubilation, the annual gay pride festivities made more celebratory by Friday's Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide. But here at Wheaton ...

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  • How E-Readers Made Erotica So Popular

    Marsh says that e-readers gave the erotic fiction market a huge boost, because it gave readers some privacy about their reading habits. Now they could download erotica on their devices, without any bemused smirks from bookstore clerks, and they could ...

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  • How did the same-sex marriage revolution sweep the nation so quickly?

    Washington (CNN) A recruiting setback for Democrats, a disappointment for community service groups and two insights on the same-sex marriage ruling helped fill our final Sunday trip around the Inside Politics table.

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