tagNonHumanThe Adventures of The Hellcat Pt. 02

The Adventures of The Hellcat Pt. 02


((Previously, in the Adventures of The Hellcat. Intrepid college newspaper reporter, Maggie Malone, is sent by her editor to look into disappearances in an area known as Hooker Park. While stumbling through the woods in the dead of night, she's captured by strange men, whom plan to use her as a human sacrifice! Maggie blacked out just as the dagger plummeted downward!))

((This is the second chapter in the on-going adventures of The Hellcat. A character of my own creation. This is the final part of her origin. I know many of you genre fans out there may get disappointed that she's not running about, flashing her arse, in skin tight spandex yet, but as a consolation, I've left the poor girl nude for almost the entire story. I hope you'll accept this as my apology for being OCD about basic character development.))

((I'd like to extend a special thanks to Duke1951, whose devastatingly sexy Batgirl series helped motivate me to write my own series, and whose advice and support helped spur me on to get my fingers out of my knickers, and onto a keyboard. Without his proof reading and editing skills, this story would have been a huge embarrassment.))

((So here's the second chapter. I hope you enjoy.))

Chapter 2: The Pact


Maggie awoke, with a fright, to find herself laying nude in a forest clearing. It wasn't Hooker Park, the forest she'd been running through the night before. It was a beautiful forest. The grass and the leaves, were emerald green. The sun was shining down warmly across her skin, and a cool breeze wafted gently over her body. She basked in the feeling for a few minutes, noting that she was still recovering from the most amazing orgasm of her life. She was clean. She felt fine. Not a sore muscle in her body. She felt amazing.

She realized that she should be alarmed, by what seemed to be such dramatic change, but she felt oddly calm...and oddly enough, still a bit aroused. She lay back in the grass, and closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of the sunlight on her skin.

Where was she? What had happened in the dungeon? It's dingy, dusty aroma. It's dark fire lit walls, scorched from countless torches. The dampness that made sweat cling to her, as she had be bound, naked, to the alter. The terrible mad men, and that mysterious hooded fiend with the knife, poised wickedly above her helpless form, as she writhed in ecstasy from that strange magical incense.

It simply no longer mattered. She felt peaceful. Calm. Tranquil, relaxed. She decided this must be heaven. "Oh well," she thought. "I supposed I can get used to this."

Her hand rose up to gently caress her breasts as she sighed with contentment. Then she heard a rustling. She looked up, and saw a cat sitting on the ground just a few feet from her.

She raised herself up to her elbows and smiled at the animal.

"Hello kitty" she said.

"Hello girly" it said back.

Now this, indeed, startled Maggie. Her jaw dropped as she stared at the cat, slowly walking towards her, and it stared right back.

"Did...did you just say 'hello'"?

"I sure did." The cat replied "What's the matter? Never had a cat talk to you before?"

"Erm...can't say that I have, no"

"I'll make this easier on you, then" The cat stood on its hind legs, and then gradually began to form into the shape of a woman. A beautiful woman...almost. She retained her tail, her ears, her eyes, and whiskers. Her face was humanesque, save for the bright yellow cat eyes peeking out behind her long lashes, and thin whiskers above her mouth, which had a wicked grin. She maintained a light grey fur, short, which gave her body a velvety sheen. She stood tall above the still sitting Maggie, gloriously nude. Large firms breasts, standing proudly on her chest. Rounded hips on which her delicate looking fingers rested. Her legs were long and toned, and her tail swished playfully back and forth.

She was now standing right in front of Maggie, looking down at her. Close enough, for Maggie to smell her scent. It was alluring, like sandalwood, only sweeter.

It took Maggie a few moments to regain her composure. She was awestruck by this sculptured goddess standing above her. She had to resist the urge to reach out and touch this creature. She was aroused and intimidated all at the same time.

"Yeah..." she finally managed to say. "This is much easier for me."

The cat merely chuckled and crouched low, looking at Maggie intently, with that same grin on her face.

"Let me guess...you're confused. You have a thousand questions. So many, that you can't decide which to ask first."

"Nailed it." Maggie said, taking a deep breath.

"Thought so. We've got a lot to discuss, girly, so I'll give you three."

"Ok..." said Maggie "Who, or what, are you?"

"What is easier. I have way too many names, and you can't pronounce most of them with your human noises. I'm a goddess."

"Heh" Maggie chuckled. "You got that right."

The cat lady giggled playfully, and sat on her knees in front of Maggie.

"Goddess, is the easiest way to describe what I am, to you. I'm an inter-dimensional, inter-plainer sentient being, whom has great powers by your human standards. You can't conceive my true nature, any more than an ant can conceive yours. I don't mean to be patronizing, girly, but that's the physics of it. I simply exist on levels, which, the human mind isn't designed to perceive."

Maggie blinked a few times.

"Gotcha...thanks for clearing that all up."

The cat lady giggled playfully and swatted Maggie's knee, gently

"That's why I opened with goddess. You can just call me Bastet. I think some of your humans used to call me that, back when I played around on your planet. That was ages ago, though."

"Bastet? Gotcha. I can do Bastet. So...where am I? What's going on?"

"That's a good question, I'll save that for last. Give me one more."

"Fair enough... Why am I not freaking out right now?"

Bastet gave another playful giggle.

"Is there a reason you should be, as you put it, 'freaking out'?"

Maggie blinked a few times, then started laughing.

"let's see..." Maggie started counting off her fingers. "I've been kidnapped by crazy pervs in cloaks, strapped to an alter for...I've got no idea how long. I've been drugged by some crazy sex smoke. I'm pretty sure I just got sacrificed. Now I'm sitting naked in some field in...fantasy land, talking to a sexy naked cat goddess." Maggie made sure she wasn't forgetting any key details, and decided that she had hit all the major ones. "So...yeah...I've got a few reasons to freak out."

"Aaaaw!" Bastet purred, smiling broadly. "You think I'm sexy? That's sweet!"

"That's the part you choose to focus on? The sexy thing? There was a lot of other stuff there."

Bastet almost doubled over with laughter.

"Oh, girly..."


"Oh, Maggie... I like you. You're fun. You've got spunk. I like spunk. You're in my world now, not yours. You're calm, because I want you to be calm. You're here, because I want you to be here. You're naked, because I want you to be naked. You're in a field, because I chose it for you. My house, my rules, type of thing."

"Wait... you wanted me naked?"

"That's the part you chose to focus on?" Bastet retorted with a sly grin.


Bastet finally stood, brushing blades of grass off her knees, and held a hand down to Maggie, to help her up.

"Now I'll answer your second question. Come with me."

Maggie reached up and took her hands, rising to her feet. Bastet lead her hand in hand, a short distance. Maggie watched, almost hypnotized, at her hips swaying seductively in front of her as she led Maggie on, her tail swishing back and forth, playfully over her perfectly rounded ass.

"Is it distracting you?"

Maggie looked up, to see Bastet looking over her shoulder with that wicked grin on her face. Maggie flushed beat red, having been caught obviously ogling Bastet's bottom.

"S...s...sorry." Was all Maggie could force out of her mouth.

"For what?"

Maggie couldn't think of how to reply, so she merely walked in silence.

Bastet finally lead her to a small pond, and motioned for Maggie to take a closer look. As Maggie approached the water, she saw, instead of her own reflection, a bird's eye view of the ceremony where she had just been. It seemed frozen in place. A photograph almost.

"Look familiar?"

Maggie jerked slightly. Bastet was so close, that Maggie could feel her breath on her cheek as she spoke. Bastet placed her hands on Maggie's hips, and Maggie could feel her breasts press gently into her back. It was enough to make Maggie swoon.

She looked into the reflecting pond, and saw the vision of herself. Terrified, bound to the table, writhing in ecstasy as the shroud of crimson mist enshrouded her body. Her back arched, her breasts thrust upward, her pelvis frozen in a lewd grinding motion, and her mouth opened to release a hungry moan. The hooded figure above her poised with the dagger in mid plunge. This was the moment just before Maggie had woken up here.

"Is this my last moment?"

"No, Maggie. That's this moment. That's what is happening right now."

"But...nothing is happening. It's like time is standing still."

"Oh, come now sweetie. Even humans have figured out, by now, that time is relative."

"So...this place...your place...it exists outside of time?"

"It exists outside of your time."

"Riiiight... Let's pretend I understand, and move right along"

Bastet let out a gentle, earthy giggle. Her whiskers tickled the back of Maggie's neck, eliciting a shiver, and a delightful sensation between her thighs.

"Fair enough, Maggie. Let me give you the easy version. Those men," said Bastet, motioning towards the cloaked figures "are bad men. Sorcerers. They've been kidnapping woman, and sacrificing them."

"To you?"

"Yes," she said sadly. "not as an offering, but as a prison. They're trying to entrap me in a human body, so they can control me, and use me for their own purposes. If they succeed, I become a slave to them. It's very old, very dangerous, magic."

Bastet shifted from one side of Maggie, to the other, so she could speak into her other ear.

"Fortunately, though, it's very old, and very dangerous magic. So old, that they're not sure how to do it. They're experimenting." Bastet looked at the images of the sorcerers with contempt. "Fools."

"I wanted to save the other girls, Maggie. You must believe me, but I couldn't. The magic wasn't strong enough to allow me to enter their world. But they learned, they got better. And now, they ALMOST got it right. Finally, I've been able to act."

"Wait...pause." Maggie interjected. Bastet patiently fell silent.

"They were going to kill me, and trap you in my body?"

"Sick, isn't it."

"Yeah, very! What would happen to me?"

"Well, I'm not sure, exactly, but my best guess is that your soul would be cast out into limbo, wondering aimlessly without form or sensation for all of eternity."

"Oh my God! That's horrible! Is that what happened to the other girls?"

"Yes it is, and no it isn't. The girl's souls weren't ripped out, because I wasn't forced into their bodies. Their souls passed on the way they should. It was just pointless murder. That's horrible, don't get me wrong, but at least they only murdered their bodies, not their souls. I would like to think that would count as some small consolation to them."

"Those poor girls," said Maggie wistfully. "Why were you able to help me?"

"Because they got better, dear, but they still made mistakes, as I suspected they would. They got good enough to actually open a door to my realm, but the chant was wrong. They were using the wrong words. They opened the door, so I could affect their world, but the chanting prevented me from directly effecting them. They neglected, however, to protect you."

Bastet grinned from ear to ear.

"And thus, here you are, sweet Maggie. My tool of retribution."

"Tool of retribution?"

"That's right," said Bastet. "And what a beautiful tool you are."

Maggie blushed profusely. To be called beautiful by a creature so exquisite as Bastet was high praise indeed. She wasn't too sure about the tool bit, though.

"So what's your plan?"

"I have it, within me, to bestow a certain amount of power upon you. Not all my powers, mind you, for what I give you, I no longer can use. I can only give you a small fraction of what I possess, but it will be enough to make you...I believe the term in your world is "super human".

"Wait...super powers!?"

"Call it whatever you wish, but I think that's an accurate representation."

"What sort of powers?" Maggie asked, in wonder. Bastet had her full attention. Maggie had always dreamed about being a hero. She followed all the heroes fan sites. She'd fantasised about fighting evil. She'd always dreamed of being a part of humanity's elite. Now, assuming that she was still sane, which under the circumstances, was a rather big assumption, this creature was offering her the opportunity.

"Well," Bastet's purring voice snapped her out of her thoughts. "You'll be stronger, faster, quicker. You'll be hard to hurt, and when you get hurt, you'll bounce back fast. There are a few other things, but it's best you learn everything yourself. Trial by fire sort of thing. Needless to say, you'll have more than enough power to do what I want you to do."

Maggie looked back over her shoulder at Bastet.

"What do you want me to do?"

"I'm so glad you asked."

Bastet shifted her head again to Maggie's other shoulder. As she did so, her lips grazed Maggie's neck. Maggie shuddered at the sensation. Despite herself, the beautiful creature behind her, was arousing her more than Maggie had thought possible. Maggie had experimented with girls before. That was nothing new. Cat girls from another dimension, on the other hand, was something else entirely. But hey, you only live once, right?

"I have three conditions, Sweet Maggie." With this, Bastet's grip on her hips tightened, and she could feel lips pressing into the side of her neck, gently sliding over her skin.

"Name it" Maggie purred.

"First condition. You must to vow to me, that you'll never abuse the powers I give you. You're to use them to help people and stop villains like those sorcerers from harming people. If you abuse these powers, and use them for ill gains, they'll abandon you. This will be our pact. It is absolute, and will last as long as you live."

"I'll agree to that." Maggie replied breathlessly.

Her eyes had fluttered closed, and she'd tilted her head back, giving Bastet better access to her neck, welcoming her teasing lips. She could no longer ignore the heat under her skin, the dampness between her thighs, the hardening of her nipples. She wanted Bastet.

"Second condition" said Bastet.

Her hand rose up to Maggie's ribs, and she slid her lips up to Maggie's ear. Maggie couldn't suppress the gasp that escaped her lips.

"You have to start with those bastards. Make sure they never hurt anyone ever again."

"That'll be my pleasure" Maggie purred.

"Last one, girly."

Bastet's hands slid up Maggie's ribs, upwards to her breasts. Maggie could feel her soft fingers, which felt like velvet, slide over her tender mounds, cupping them in both hands, and squeezed them gently, yet firmly. Maggie couldn't help but moan, as the felt the curious sensation of Bastet's tail wrapping possessively around her thigh.

"Don't say no."

Maggie could only moan in reply, and that's all Bastet required.

She began kneading Maggie's breasts with a hungering urgency. Maggie, feeling her soft flesh squeezed by such tender yet firm hands, arched her back, thrusting her breasts harder into Bastet's hands. Her eyes were closed, she didn't need them. She didn't need to hear, taste, or smell, either. All she needed to do was feel. Her entire world, right now, consisted of her flesh, and what was being done to it by this heavenly being, as she pressed her velvety body up agienst Maggie's trembling one.

Bastet began to run her lips, softly, up and down Maggie's neck, from her nape to her jaw line. She switched between kisses, licks, gentle nibbles. If she had been doing nothing else, this alone would have sent shivers through every nerve ending in Maggie's body.

She so loved having her neck kissed. It had always been one of her greatest weaknesses. A skilled lover, could take Maggie from "bleh" to "fuck me!" in a matter of seconds. Bastet was skilled beyond words. She was putty in Bastet's smooth, yet firmly mauling hands, and they both knew it.

The tail, that had now wrapped around her thigh, began to tug on her, lifting her leg to the side, and parting her wide open. This was a new sensation to Maggie, and one she had yet to come to terms with, but right now, she wasn't concerned. She wanted this desperately, and she was willing to go with anything.

As the tail pulled her leg apart from the other, she could feel the cold breeze wafting between her thighs. It felt cold, and that's when she realised how impossibly wet she'd become. One of Bastet's hands, stopped kneading Maggie's breasts, and began trailing down her stomach. Agonizingly slow. Cruelly slow. Maggie knew where that hand was going, and she wanted it to get there. Wanted to beg for it to get there, but could only communicate in desperate hungry pants and whimpers.

Maggie gripped Bastet's hand, and tried to push it lower, but couldn't. It was like trying to push a brick wall. It just inched lower and lower, over her navel, down to her pelvis, as she writhed in frenzied readiness.

The fingers trailed lower, over Maggie's pubic mound, now only centimetres away from what was quickly becoming the centre of her existence. One finger was almost there, she could almost feel it, and then the fingers parted.

Maggie cried out in disappointed frustration, and Bastet's torturous fingers slide down other either side of her dripping slit, and pulled her lips apart. A moist squelch came from down below, as her inner sex was exposed to this strange world, Bastet's world. A sound that would normally make Maggie cringe in embarrassment, which only drove her more wild now.

"My my my, little Maggie. I don't even have to touch you to see how wet you are, I can hear it. Such a deviant little slutty human, are you."

What could she say? Nothing. A moan would suffice, so that's exactly what she did. She released a throaty, wanton moan. Perhaps this made Bastet finally take pity on her, because that's when it happened. Finally, Maggie felt the smooth pad of a finger brush her clit.

That joyous sensation alone would have sent lightning bolts through Maggie, but sweet, cruel, Bastet wasn't that simple. At that exact moment, she roughly pinched Maggie's nipple, and bit down hard into her neck. The resulting onslaught of sensation was simply too much for poor Maggie, and drove her wildly over the edge.

Maggie's hands gripped Bastet's thighs roughly and dug her nails in, she needed the support, as an orgasm coursed...no...ripped through her body. Not a gradual building orgasm, but an explosion. Form nothing, to everything. Maggie yelped, which turned into a scream, which turned into a cry, then settled into a gasp of air.

She was seeing stars, lost in a world of sensation, when became aware of Bastet's hands, sliding up her arms. She felt the wetness on Bastet's hand, over her right arm, as it left a trail of Maggie's own lust, sliding upwards to her trembling shoulders.

Firmly grasping her shoulders, Bastet roughly spun Maggie around, and threw her onto the ground before her. Maggie sprawled out, beneath the goddess. Laying on the ground, her arms folded next to her head. Her breasts heaved as her lungs sought more air, and her legs trembled as tiny aftershocks rippled through her excited clit. Maggie panted lewdly, as Bastet loomed over her, like a conqueror. A triumphant and dominating leg on either side of Maggie. She looked up to see Bastet's swollen pussy, moist and eager above her.

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