tagErotic Poetry104 Degrees

104 Degrees


It was 104 degrees yesterday
We met at the ice house
Sweat dripping down my face
My hair braided
I wore a white t-shirt, no bra, shorts
We met upstairs
You told me to undress
I did as requested

You took out a long, thin piece of leather cording
And ran the cording through my ass crack
Pulling tight
You ran the cording through my pussy lips
Pulling tight
You ran the cording through the pulleys on each wooden beam
Pulling tight
You pulled on the leather cord
Tying it tight to the beam
Pulling my hair
My head bent backwards
You watched the leather stretch my pussy lips apart
You bent down and lightly lick my clit
I moaned in delight

My nipples
You took two clothespins
Attached them to my nipples
Twisting my nipples as you attached them
The tips of my nipples sticking out
You flicked your fingers on the ends
Flicking harder each time
I moaned

You bent down
Running your hands down my thighs
You attached a clothespin to my clit
You attached clothespins to my pussy lips
You tugged on the leather cord
My head bent further back
The cording digging deeper into my ass
Spreading my pussy lips wider
My legs burning
I want to step down, I asked
You smiled
The leather is tight in my ass
I beg you to loosen the leather
You smiled

You ran your hand down the length of the leather in my hair
Over my wrists
Down my ass and through my pussy
I was dripping wet
You smiled
I licked your fingertips
Licking my juices
Tasting myself on your body

You whispered in my ear
"I am going to inflict
Slow, steady pain on your ass, your pussy, your tits”
My eyes are wide in fear

You step back and raise the flogger over your head
Slowly bring it down on my ass
Again and again
My ass turning red
I dance on my toes trying to avoid the next hit
The clothespins on my clit clicking together
My clit and pussy throbbing in pain
Again and again
You hit my ass with the flogger

I beg you to stop
You step in front of me
Raise the flogger over your head
Strike my tits
The clothespins fly off
Hitting the floor
Slapping my nipples over and over
With the flogger
I scream in pain
I beg you to stop

You raise the flogger and slap my pussy
The clothespins click together
Hitting each other
I scream out in pain
Please, please, please stop
Please take the clothespin off my clit
Please take the clothespins off my pussy
Let me step down
My legs are burning
You smiled

You step behind me
I heard you unbuckle your belt from your pants
You immediately slap the belt on my thighs
"Are your legs burning", you ask
Please stop, I beg you
I scream
Please stop
You slap my thighs again
Harder and quicker
Slowly moving the belt strikes
Higher up to my ass cheek
I sob

"Count for me," you demand
"Ten strikes, five for each cheek," you demand
I sob
Please no I beg you
"Count," you yell
One, I whisper
You strike my ass
Two, I whisper
You strike my ass again
Striking harder
Harder still
My eyes burning
Tears streaming down my cheeks
You strike
My ass full of red welts
Intense pain
I scream with each strike
You smiled
Intense pain

You untied the leather cord
I fell to the floor on my knees
You grabbed the braid
Holding it over my head
My mouth opened wide in pain
My cheeks covered in tears
You shoved your hard cock
Deep into my mouth
You pulled and pulled on my braid
Fucking my mouth
Pulling my braid
Twisting it in your hand
Fucking deep into my mouth
My eyes closed tight
Your cum down my throat

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