tagErotic Poetrya adultriss affair

a adultriss affair


a passion for you which i cannot express
i want to fuck you this i confess
but we work at the same place
and everyday i have to see ur face
just one night with you would be fine
then id know youd forever be mine
just one night of my lustful snatch
i know that would be ur catch
i so want to suck ur dick
and give you my pussy for you to lick
i want to feel ur sweet dark skin
i want to kiss ur chest and then begin
but we cannot our job wouldnt approve
i dont know if i should make my move
but i yearn for you so bad
and i wont stop until you ive had
i see ur bulge throug ur jeans
thats the biggest cock ive ever seen
i want to feel it deep inside
i want to be on top so i can ride
i want it to hurt oh so bad
i know itll be the best cock iver ever had
i want to scream out your name
and i want you to do the same
my pussy drips and i get so horney
thinking of you pounding me
shoving that 9+ inches in my cunt
doing it from the back then the front
finally i ask can we fuck
you say yes im in luck
you cock tastes mmm so good
to suck it all night you know i would
your tounge flicks my clit so right
careful cause my pussies tight
pound my pussy dont stop if cry
it hurts yes i wont lie
just fuck me like you dont care
slap my ass pull my hair
i want to ride that big black cock
mm baby its hard as a rock
ooohh it feels like im in heaven
if i cum now thatll make seven
ive never cum like this before
maybe cuz i know from now ill be ur whore
yes thats what i wanted this whole time
now im urs now ur mine
i know you got a girlfriend
but this love affair just cannot end
i know i have a boyfriend
still this affair cannot end
when your girl fucks you tonight
think of the whore that did it right
and when i fuck my man tonight
i hope he doesnt notice im no longer tight
hes the only man before you ive done
but your the only man thats made me cum

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