tagErotic PoetryA Beautiful Dream

A Beautiful Dream


I knocked on her door,
not knowing if I was gonna be disappointed.
When she opened the door,
I realized she was all I ever wanted.
In previous months,
we spent so much time chatting.
It was only obvious,
we knew what would be happening.
I closed her door behind me,
we didn't spend time talking.
She welcomed me with a great big hug
and lifted her leg and suddenly I felt something arising.
I held her leg up with one hand,
let go of my bags with the other.
I felt her soft lips touch mine,
and in a flash, our tongues were together.
Her hands were on my back
as we fell on the couch.
She was clawing at me
like a cat does a mouse.
Her hands went for my belt
as I was kissing her chest.
Her hands dug down
and grabbed what was known as the best.
I lifted her skirt,
pulled down her panties,
only to thrust towards her like kids going for candy.
Our hearts were racing
as I put my dick in,
then I heard the doorbell
and asked "Should we let them in?"
Her legs spread wider
as I was holding her thighs tight.
She then answered me saying
"Can't they wait one night?"
I grinned as I kissed her breast
Her head went up beside my ear to whisper
" You're the best."
I pushed harder and harder
as time went on
I could see sweat pour
when she let out two or three long moans.
I could feel juices flow
within my big long red hard dick.
It was only then I asked her if
she would rather have a lick.
I began to pull it out slow
but I was too late.
My dick was already sticky
because I failed to masturbate.
My face was blushing
out of my disapppointment.
She just looked at me
and said "You're all that I ever wanted."
I grinned with pleasure
as she pulled her panites up.
We were the best together,
like Roasanne with make-up.
She kissed me again
after we were regrouping.
She asked me "would I mind going to Vegas
and eloping?"
I took her hand and smiled
as I looked into her eyes.
I asked her "what if we wait until March. It would be cheaper prices"
She gave me the biggest hug
anybody has ever got.
That was when the cop pulled up and I realized that I was sitting in the middle of an empty grocery store parking lot... and it was just a beautiful dream.

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