tagErotic PoetryA bite to eat

A bite to eat


Wondering into a bar, I needed to get me a drink
My stomach growled ,starvation on the brink
A man across the bar, did all he could do not to stare
I could see the passion and lust, in his strong glare
Raising my glass, I gave him a little wink

I got off my stool and walked his way
He didn't even know he was my prey
Smelling his sweet aroma, that filled the room
Unaware he just sealed his death of doom
Had to hurry along as soon it would be day

Walking up speaking, I noticed how you were looking at me
Sensing he was nervous, I could smell it to some degree
Proclaiming I'm hungry and wanted to leave for a bite
Sliding off his stool he left with me and without a fight
Never realized he was about to become my dinner you see

His heart pumping fast and hard as I could feel
Excited and pleased he was my next meal
Reading him, he though we'd fuck
Little did he know, he's running out of luck
It was a shame he had great sex appeal

Walking down an alley I felt he was tense
Grabbing me crying out, I can't take the suspense
I wanna fuck you right now, up against the wall
Fucking you long and hard, until you fall
Shouting I have something to tell you, in my defense

You may think i'm a cheap little Whore
Positive you don't know what's in store
I'm going to suck you dry you see
That is the dark vampire in me
Soon you will be knocking on deaths door

Grabbing his head
I bit him till he bled
Sucking him dry
I said good bye
Leaving him for dead

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