tagNon-Erotic PoetryA Challenge...Part 06

A Challenge...Part 06


A Challenge… Part Six

They waged battle for a good two hours longer,
Neither one nor the other seemed to be the stronger.
The crowd was restless with cricks in their necks,
From so much swiveling, and spoken, silly text.

The Kings whilst enjoying the sport provided,
Had conversed quietly and while they decided
Which of the two valiant jousters was harder battling,
They knew tongues were wagging and would forever be tattling

To those not present of what deeds had been wrought this day
And who of the two would have the very last say.
Mutually, exclusively they believed it was a well-fought and matched draw,
They were waiting to see if one or the other would consign in defeat and face the maw

Of their audience, the ones who were silently watching the two squabble
And dance from foot to foot and play with their various pieces of bauble.
Finally, the Kings had had quite enough of their blustering,
And rose as one on their dais to end this delicious flustering.

The King of the Enchanted Land and The King of All Woodland Creatures,
Adjusted their own garments, and schooled their dignified features.
Drawing the attentions of everyone far and wide,
Then for the two who stood side by side.

Princess Ri of the Black Vortexes was breathless at the magnificent sight
Of the two regal kings in their joined conference and masculine might.
Master Gary of the manor born, was equally as impressed,
Waiting for their verdict and learning of their address.

King Doug scratched his ear and his hose, as King Craig raised an eyebrow,
At the quiet that descended the formerly loud Hall before now.
King Doug was the first to break the tense silence,
Preparing to address his subjects and the surrounding audience.

“My loyal crowd, my gallant opponents, my wondrous King Craig,
A thoughtful entertainment we have enjoyed, but now is time to beg
That this seesawing is now to be forever ceased.
My thoughts are that it was wonderfully acted and increased

Our knowledge of the Princess and Master Gary and their tricks,
We have enough information to clip their wings and wicks.
It shall be forthwith known from this apocryphal day
That no one walks away a loser in this witty way.

The two have satisfied the challenge with integrity and spirit,
And are free to determine their own fates as they will it.
They are freed of last night’s decree
Bless them both and let’s hope we never again see,

Such a calamity that they have caused in their rueful decisions,
For then they will be enjoined to a life of kingly supervisions.
They may go forth from the Hall still bound by their former posts,
But they go with the freedom to be their own bloody hosts.”

The crowd cheered, they grinned, they rejoiced.
For they had been unable to make this decision as voiced.
Princess Ri and Master Gary shared in their gleeful playfulness,
For ultimately it was adventure that caused them to start if they were to confess

Honestly as to their actions and their stands,
They threw their arms around the other as renewed friendship commands.
For they truly cared for the other, they had such kindred feelings,
And to know that they could still choose sent them both reeling.

Knight Jules was smiling at the just ruling,
Sirs Keven and Dale were laughing and drooling,
At the sight of Eric, Ben and Billy dancing
And oh my…. What was this? Just before prancing!

For the day was a good one, it was one filled with joy,
All’s well that ends well and one more thing…oh boy!
This tale may be ended; it may be the last verse,
Is there another in store…. It couldn’t be any worse!

So gentle readers I finish this cycle of the story,
But… if you would like more, with battles and glory,
Send me your thoughts and of this I will think.
Sent with a wide grin and a salacious wink!

end…part six

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