tagErotic PoetryA Dream of You

A Dream of You


A starlit sky
On a moonlit night
Droplets of water
Hug your skin tight.

As steam rises
From the tub we're in
The hot water
Caresses your skin.

The curves of your body
So sexy and sleek
Can not be hidden
I must peek.

I look at you now
Naked and bare
Your only cover
Your beautiful hair.

You stand and turn
To strut your stuff
My desires are rising
I want you ruff.

I towel you down
And dry you off
From head to toe
Your body so soft.

I lay you down
On the bed
Lustful visions
Dance in my head.

I caress your skin
And kiss your lips
I now notice
Your moving your hips.

Precious kisses
Soft and slow
I move down your body
Way down low.

The taste of your juices
So nice and sweet
It makes me rock hard
It's time for a treat.

I roll you over
Now on your knees
I touch your pussy
My fingers will please.

With my tongue and fingers
You start to grind
A quick plea...
Take me from behind.

I kneel to mount you
Your ass in the air
The head of my shaft
Touches you there.

With all the wetness
From your backside
I slide in easy
And quickly gain stride.

The rhythm of passion
Makes your body rock
Your orgasm so intense
We stay in a lock.

I kiss you tenderly
And pet your hair
I ask you to repeat
You ask when and where?.

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