tagErotic PoetryA Dream of You

A Dream of You

byThe Gentle Man©

You and I were together
In the dream I had last night
It was a sweet and wonderful dream
We were holding each other so tight.

I touched your face with my hand
A smile danced in your eyes
It played at the corners of your mouth
While you made the softest of sighs.

Your hair was tossed lightly about
By a warm and gentle breeze
You glowed with a lovely radiance
In the sunlight that shone through the trees.

My hand slid down your neck
Touched your shoulder then moved to your breast
Which was soft and naked and lovely
And the object of my gentle quest.

I touched your silky skin
With just my fingertips
Felt your nipples grow and stiffen
Then kissed them lightly with my lips.

The feel of them under my tongue
Sent a thrill to the depths of my being
Just having you with me like that
Made me want to shout and dance and sing!

You took my hand and led me near
The flower filled meadow by the lake
It was all so incredibly wonderful
I prayed that I might never wake.

You lay down among the flowers
I lay down close by your side
We were naked under the sky
Unashamed, with nothing to hide.

As I gazed at your lovely body
I felt my passion rise within
And I began to kiss and caress
Your delicate, succulent skin

My lips moved across your body
Exploring its valleys and peaks
Over your breasts and your stomach
Drawn ever down toward the heat that it seeks.

I lay between your legs
With your loveliness before my face
The scent of your passion touched me
And I knew that I must taste.

So with my mouth and tongue I explored you
Kissing and touching that wonderful place
Drinking in your essence
Feeling your wetness on my face.

Till the flood that was building within you
Finally broke and raged free
Soaking my lips and my tongue
As it washed down over me.

The sounds of your cries echoed
Against the hills all around
And rang in my ears and flowed into the sky
And reverberated through the ground.

I lifted my body over yours
My desire could no longer be denied
I placed myself between your open legs
Held my breath, and slid deeply inside.

The feeling of your heat around me
Inflamed the passion I felt within
And I began to thrust myself into you
As our bodies were kissed by the wind.

Your legs were wrapped around me
Our bodies moved as one
We were lovers joined together
Beneath the setting sun.

I felt my climax building
And knew that for you it was the same
We crashed over the edge together
Crying out one another’s name.

As the feeling overtook us
And carried us away
The sun set behind the hills
And the night overtook the day.

I rolled in my sleep to touch you
But found you were not there
For it was not real, but only a dream
Of that I am now aware.

But, oh what a dream, what a wonderful dream
As I close my eyes tonight
I will look for you in the meadow
Where we will again hold each other so tight.

Copyright by The Gentle Man, 2002

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