tagErotic PoetryA Dream or a Fantasy?

A Dream or a Fantasy?


I dream of you every night
Feeling your touch
Ever before I could see you,
Rendering me helpless to move.
My emotions mixing with desire and fright.

You slowly lower my blanket,
Exposing my nightgown-clad body.
My eyes widen suddenly,
As your lips trail over my skin so softly,
Yet I feel as though I am on fire.
Your lips are a wondrous magical weapon,
Causing my skin to heat up so sweetly.
Your strong but gentle fingers slide my nightgown aside,
So that your warm tongue may suckle upon my collarbone,
Causing me to whimper and moan.
Oh please, 'tis such sweet torture,
But you ignore my plea as your hands begin to wander,
Causing my body to arch gracefully off the bed.
As you move my nightgown off my shoulders,
My full round breasts come into view.
I hear your deep grown of arousal,
A moment later, your hungry lips capture a tip of a quivering breast,
As your other hand cups the other, squeezing possessively.
My lips part softly in desire, as my heart beats helplessly,
While your hand reluctantly leaves my body to rip the rest
Of what remains of my nightgown,
Throwing it down.
I look up into your dark eyes, as they sparkle with meaning,
Before feeling your hands gripping my hips tightly.
You plunge deeply into my body with one swift movement,
Causing me to gasp at the pleasure-pain
Of your manhood forcing my body to take all of you
Into my warm, velvety sheath.
Your lips capture my cry,
As you take me slowly and deeply,
Merging our bodies so completely.

You suddenly sit up, taking me with you,
With your hands tightly on my hips,
I slowly and deeply, take you inside of me
As you hold me upon your body so easily.
I arch my body back, as your lips recapture my little nipples,
Nipping and biting gently, sending ripples
Of shock and desire running rampant throughout my body.

I feel your grip strengthening,
As you feel my body tightening,
Knowing you were waiting for me to join you
In the pleasure of our release.
I cry out and bite your shoulder,
My body quivering with intense heat; never wanting it to cease.
Suddenly you slip a finger slightly inside my bottom,
Your lips suckling hard on my rosy nipples,
Combined, those movements causes my cry out with raw passion.
Your hot milk fills my womb as my own sweet juices coat you manhood in devotion.
I faint away with the intense mating,
And for what seemed like only moments, I open my eyes,
I lay alone in my bed.
Bewildered of what had just transpired.
Was this just a dream or some sort of fantasy?
A moment later, all doubts vanished,
When I seen you standing before me.

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