tagErotic Poetrya good screw

a good screw


my ass is fat
my thighs are thick
my mouth is ready
to suck your dick
your cock is hard
my cunt is wet
let's see how horny
we both can get
you're behind me
and i'm on my knees
my pussy muscles
give your dick a squeeze
my huge tits bounce
from left to right
my cunt muscles contract
and it feels so tight
i love the feel of your balls
as they slap my skin
and with each thrust
your cock goes deeper in
you flip me over
and fuck me from the front
i rub my clit
as you drill my cunt
my heart is pounding
my snatch is soaked
your strong hands around my neck
because i love being choked
your chest is heaving
you're heavily breathing
you're about to cum
is what i'm believing
i see your eyes
roll to the back of your head
you growl like a grizzly
and our fucking shakes the bed
i know what to expect
so i keep my eyes shut
and open my mouth
so you can fill it with your nut

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