tagErotic PoetryA Lover's Touch

A Lover's Touch

byThe Bard©

A lover's touch so soft and sweet, you'd know it anywhere
Caressing gently on your cheek, and stroking through your hair
His lips brush yours, then kiss again, his tongue your lips divide
You sense his touch upon your breast, and let those fingers glide

Slowly now his hand does squeeze, drawing all around
The silken cloth about that breast, a nipple to be found
He rolls it softly back and forth, to build your own desire
Knowing that each tease he makes, fans your body's fire

And then he slips his mouth onto, the vee your blouse reveals
Opening each button then, more kisses he now steals
And when at last your blouse is open, to share you with the moon
His hands return to stroke and touch, but it is none to soon

You arch your back with the cupping, of your breasts you see
And then his lips cover more, to tease and taste of thee
As passion grows your hands entwine, within his silken mane
Pulling him to your lips, so you may kiss again

And then his hand slips away, to glide along your thigh
Causing you to pull away, so you could softly sigh
And when the mounting pleasure seems, more than you can take
Your lover seems to stop a while, perhaps to take a break

But no his hands merely want, to slide away your slacks
So his lips can follow the now, the delicate white tracks
Another moan you offer him, when tongue strokes through soft fur
And then he moves away from there, your mind thinks now Ohh Grrrr

That thought is quickly lost for you, when lips crush yours again
Kissing with a passion that, should drive your soul insane
His body molded to your form, you feel his hard desire
Parting then your legs for him, to push the passion higher

He stops again to feel your need, and hold you in this place
Then slowly slips inside of you, just the tip in case
With head now nestled in between, the lips so very wet
He scrapes the nipples with his teeth, and drives you wild I bet

For suddenly you're thrusting fast, and moaning loud he hears
Screaming that you are so close, screaming in his ears
And when at last the passion peaks, you wake only to find
That the pleasure you just had, was all within your mind.

And yet that's not exactly true for even now you feel
That somehow this erotic scene, was fact and very real
A lover's touch you don't forget, although the facts decree
That it was just a dream, and simply could not be

For you know that long ago, he departed earth
And yet you still love him so, whatever that is worth
Now when sadness takes its hold, and all seems lost you fear
His angel comes to be with you, and wipes away each tear

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