tagNon-Erotic PoetryA Million More Unspoken

A Million More Unspoken


All these feelings and words that run through my head:
Love, need, desire and want.
and all the emotions that follow each one.

Each one individually could never express
the power you have over me.
They are just parts of the whole.

Caring. Friendship. Laughter.
Even more ideals that you bring out in me...
without so much as trying.

You do it so easily, so simply
and yet you ask for nothing in return.
Something that I'm not accustomed to.

You make me what I am.
Not part of me, per se,
but yet a ingredient which is part of me, ingrained.

I can feel you in my heart, and yes my soul.
Every laugh and smile reminds me of you.
And every tear brings me closer also.

You are true love.
Unequaled. Unwavering. Unconditional.
Even when it is difficult to love me.

It's all these reasons why I love you.
And a million more unspoken.

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