tagNon-Erotic PoetryA Momentary Glimpse

A Momentary Glimpse


-A Momentary Glimpse-

A heart so tender...
A spirit so fierce...
A body so lush...
Eyes so deep and bottomless...
Her skin like creamy silk..so pink in her womanly blush.

Her passion knows no bounds...
As it smolders with fire and heat.
Yet....icy with its mystery and addictive taste.
The strength of her soul will forever consume you,
Should you stand too close and cannot take its intensity...
But if you are man enough to see
The extent of her worth...
Then you shall reap the rewards so abundantly.

She remains standing bravely,
With the heart of a lioness,
So stoic....in the face of life's adversities.
That sometimes bruises her human spirit.
Oh, how she knows that true courage
Is not measured when life goes her way....
But when she feels too afraid to go on...she tries anyway..
That is true courage.....unfailingly.

Poignant words do not always mean sadness,
But mere reflections of oneself...
That can sometimes enable us to discover things
We normally would not see.

She may cry...and she may feel defeated...
But never will she give up on life...
As some might wish her to...
Forever..will she stand up proud, and start anew.
She is complicated, yet she is earthy,
And if you respect her wild spirit
You would not regret it, you will see.

Someone once asked her if she knew why the good Lord,
Gave us a face in front of our heads, as opposed to the back.
It is because he wants us to look ahead, and realize,
That we could never go back and change things,
And that all is forgiven, and we must look ahead and learn
From our mistakes, or pain we have caused ourselves or others.

So you see....
That I have written these words to you...
To gift you with a momentary glimpse...
Of who this poem has been about........

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