tagErotic PoetryA Night to Remember

A Night to Remember


It was a beautiful night
The air was just right
Not to cold nor to warm
There wasn’t a cloud in the sky
The stars were shining
Like little diamonds in the sky
The full moon shining all its light
You and me lying together under a blanket
Holding hands and watching the stars
Every once in a while you look over
And sigh, I ask you if everything is ok
As you started to pull me closer
You whisper to me “Baby you look
So beautiful under the moonlight”
I smile and snuggle up close into your arms
Looking back up at the sky and the stars
As your sweet embrace grows tighter
I hear you whisper to me
“Baby I love you, your everything to me”
You kiss my lips softly and passionately
As I begin to play with your hair
Releasing your pony tail and letting your hair
Fall down long and free into your face
The sight of your long blonde hair flowing free
Melts me in an instant, you look so good
You start to kiss my neck
As I run my fingers through your hair
“Baby, I want to make love under the stars”
I don’t say a word but just run my fingers
Down your neck, knowing just one touch
Can drive you to the point of no end
Still kissing my neck you growl
Knowing it drives me completely wild
Sending shivers down my spine
I begin to unbutton your shirt
Kissing every inch of your chest
You shiver as the cool breeze
Hits where I’ve kissed
You pull me back up to your lips
Kissing me so very passionately
I let out a sigh of pleasure as I feel
Your tongue ring traces my lips
Your hands start to travel
Down my sides as you kiss me
Sliding your hand up my blouse
Feeling every inch of my skin
Letting out a small moan
As your hand glides
Over my breast gently
Massaging it while the other
Hand embraces me lovingly
Barely being able to get out
The words I whisper
“Baby please I need you”
You put your finger to my
Lips quieting me as you smile
And say “Baby I want to make
This a night you’ll never forget”
You slip my blouse off and start
To kiss my shoulder on down
To my breast then down to my stomach
you start to unbutton my pants
sliding them off, kissing
my stomach again
after I have everything off
you look at me, smile and sigh
and say “Gods your beautiful”
you slip out of your pants
and lay beside me putting
your arms around me, kissing me
I run my fingers through your hair
Looking into your eyes
You look at me and say
“Baby are you ready for this?”
I look in to your eyes as I smile
And say “you know I am”
Slowly you start to push
Inside of me as I close
My eyes in complete ecstasy
We begin to move together
Our breathing gets heavier
I begin to moan as you
Speed up a bit and go deeper
I say “baby please don’t stop”
I run my fingers down your neck
I can tell you want more
I started to kiss your neck
Running my teeth along it
I feel you shiver and I say
“Baby you ok?
You say “yes baby please don’t stop”
I kiss your neck more and
I feel your hand come up
To my breast once more
You begin rubbing me
Still moving together
I begin to arch my back
And moan louder, my breathing
Becomes faster, you know what’s coming
“Oh gods baby”
You smile “hold on just a lil longer baby”
You begin to pump faster knowing
Your almost to the point of no return as well
I feel you begin to tense like myself
Finally we both just can’t take it anymore
We stare in to each others eyes letting go together
After what has been an amazing night
Both tired and out of breathe we stop
“Baby that was amazing I never knew
It could be so wonderful”
You look at me with those loving eyes and say
“I wanted to show you how much I do and will
Always love you baby”, we both cuddle in
Each others arms with the blanket still over us
And the moon at its peak shining its light
We drift of to sleep and dream together
After this night we both will never forget.

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