tagErotic PoetryA Real Man

A Real Man


Men are boys, at least all that I know.
Immature. Ignorant. Obnoxious.
Even if I find one that seems to care about me,
Everything changes when he’s alone with his friends.
Perpetual replays of the panty scene from 14 Candles.

I’m only 19, but I already know boys aren’t for me.
Though girls can be fun, I’m not sure I want them either.
I love the freedom, the interplay, the knowing and being known.
Caresses in the dark—no need to see—just touch, and smell, and taste;
A woman’s body pressed in hot, naked pleasure against my own.

But what I’d really like to experience is a real man.
Secure. Confident. Caring about me.
Strong warm arms folding me into his muscled chest.
Firm, tender hands pulling me in all the right places,
Into all the right places, against all the hard places.

I’d love to look deep in a man’s eyes and see love,
A certain knowledge of what he wants and wants to give me.
There can’t be anything sexier than confidently giving a woman
Exactly what she wants, because its what you want, too.
Strong, excited, yet patient in the sureness of what’s to come.

Feeling a strong chin pressed into my love, a rough, flat tongue
Teasing. Tasting. Tantalizing.
Lifting my pleasure to new heights with each lashing.
Hot breath across liquid molten flesh, turgid, inviting.
Hot sweat mixing with hotter juices to dribble down my ass.

Then his strong body rising up, taking my useless legs along.
His hot mouth on breasts, then my throat, then my lips,
As his hardened flesh finds home and presses in slowly,
Stretching almost painfully, just on the edge of discomfort.
Then jolting its way to my very core as my breath ceases.

The slow rhythmic motion of the ocean, the earth, of life itself.
Engorged. Driven. Succeeding.
Igniting new fires with each measured plunge;
Lifting my body hungrily with each aching withdrawal.
Gouging new realities through my nerves and across my mind.

Feeling the tension build within my grasping body,
Always working the blast of pleasure about to erupt,
Adjusting his thrusts to spark new nerves within me,
Careful to press my clit with every movement,
Hot mouth suckling at my throat, my breasts, my very soul.
Eyes always open, looking, seeing, enjoying the adventure;
Those bright eyes filled with love and admiration, yet glazed over with lust.
Manhood flexing within me, growing even larger, then exploding against my own orgasm.
Holding me tight, his bold spurts setting off new explosions within me.
Twisting my guts and rippling my muscles with unbearable pleasure.
Then gently guiding me down, a knowing smile on his face,
Embrace softening slightly into a protective hug, with a soft whisper at my ear:
Thank you.

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