tagErotic PoetryA Silly Ditty

A Silly Ditty


I came into town,
not making a sound.
Soon my horse stopped,
its leg in a knot.

I jumped off his back,
and heard a great crack.
I looked to my left,
then to my right.
My sight did behold
such a glorious fight.

He was bronzed by the sun,
his body glistened with sweat.
I stood there and waited,
wondered what would come next.

Would he grab the man's head
or just leave him for dead?

Looking again, my heart did beat fast,
the man was beating a lad and a lass.
Grabbing a log,
I aimmed at the frog.

Though he was handsome,
and physically fit.
His manner was brash,
not fit for a kiss.

His looks were nice,
his manners were not.

I advanced slowly
not a sound did I make.
Soon I was hiding
behind the great rake.

I raise up my log,
brought it down with a thump.
He turned as his head,
started to lump.

"What have you done,
you simpleton?"

"I have struck you, you knave,
now you go and behave."

"Be have? We will see,
I'll be back to get you
at a quarter till three!"

My body did shiver,
his threat made me quiver.
I turned on my heel,
and started to reel.

Great words of disgust,
filled the air and the dust.
"We'll see who will lead.
In this game you will plead!"

As I came to my home,
my heart full of wonder.
I felt a small tingle
begin way down under.

Soon I was eating my supper alone,
and my red wine had found it a home.
Retiring for the night,
my eyes now full of fright.

"Did he mean a quarter past three...
in the morning or evening,
soon we would see."

My eyes grew heavy,
ladened for rest.
I saw his head in my mind,
Wow... what a test!

I ached and I moaned full of such luck,
oh how I wanted him to just suck.
Feeling the wetness between my legs cum,
I opened my eyes and looked up above.

His eyes, golden hued,
his body sun kissed.
He was taking me over
a great big abyss.

"You pleasure me well,
with your cock that has swelled."

His smile is wide
as I hear him sigh,
"Take in my tongue
and I'll make you cum."

My face blushes red,
my hair is a fire.
All of my hope
and all my desires.
I close my eyes
as his lips do try.

To gather me up,
and release me real slow.
Soon I tell him,
soon I will go.

He chuckles he sighs
and makes my soul cry.
The heat from my loins
releases such passion.

It is all I can hold
to keep from a thrashin'

"Don't stop!" I call out.
"Don't quit!" I do shout.

He thrusts and he grinds,
I moan the whole time.

And when we are done,
he calls me, "Hon."

The End

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