tagNon-Erotic PoetryA Tiny Mystery

A Tiny Mystery


Reposing upon a dark boulder,
I closed my eyes wearily,
Alone in my secluded glen
Aware of all the beautiful flower petals
Floating around my smooth shoulders.
A few even landing in my long dark hair.
I smiled slightly at the wonders surrounding me
Taking my breath away,
While intoxicating me with its velvety splendor.

Among mother nature’s bower,
I remain silent and alone
Yet not saddened, simple reflective.
My eyes compared with liquid pools of softness
As I allowed my spirit to rise to the surface.
My lips speak not,
Yet my heart cries out in a soft song
Of poignancy for what my soul longs for,
I know not what life has in store
For me,
But I do know that my heart is beginning
To feel love’s longing
For passion and a sense of belonging.

A tender look crossed my face,
As a little robin landed near my hand,
Bobbing its little head up and down,
As though asking for a piece of bread I brought with me.
Very slowly, I turned my hand facing upward
Waiting very patiently as the bird approached slowly
Its tiny eyes watching me carefully.
I smiled softly as the little robin
Gently took a little crumb from my palm.

Instead of flying away after,
The little bird hopped near my thumb,
And to my surprise, rubbed its tiny head against me.
At that moment, I felt so humbled,
So filled with wonder and love
That this little creature would trust me so completely.

My eyes welled up with unshed tears,
As I raised my hand ever so slowly,
So as to not frighten the bird.
My forefinger gently touched its little head.
Now knowing he wouldn’t run away,
I slid my finger down its delicate back,
Marveling in its silken texture.
Suddenly the bird cocked its head to the side to look at me
And chirped happily, a soothing song.
It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard,
I whispered to him “Thank you little robin, for making me smile
I will never forget this day,
For it shall forever be imprinted in my heart.
Thank you for trusting me”

Before the little robin flew away,
He landed for upon my shoulder
And rubbed his little face on my cheek for a moment,
Then flew away into the trees.
Even a year later, I still hoped I would see the little bird again one day.
If not, I will never cease to be amazed at life’s little mysteries.

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