tagErotic PoetryA Wizard And His Ruby Prison

A Wizard And His Ruby Prison


It was on a warm and sunny day
When the last of the Cimmerians had made his way
Towards a castle with a beautiful woman
Whose blond hair was able cast a spell on any man
Who had dared to look at her from far away.

She had been taken away by a group of raiders
Who had wished to use her to satisfy their own wanton pleasures.

But that was before the one known as Conan
Has been sent by a mysterious wizard to destroy every last man
Within that group and return the maiden to her powerful master.

And when the massive doors of the castle were reached, the barbarian
Had raised his sword and yelled, "WIZARD, I GOT YOUR WOMAN!"

That was before those doors were opened with one
Powerful gust of wind and a voice had said, "WELL DONE,

And when the maiden had entered the castle with Conan following her
Past the doors and each and every web of a spider,
They had entered a chamber and noticed that two other maidens
With dark hair were laying on a bed and enjoying their private sin
Before the blond had dropped to her knees and said, "Allow me to offer
One of those true pleasures to you, Barbarian."

And after she allowed herself to suck on the staff of the one known as Conan,
The two other maidens had pulled him down on the bed
Before one of them had opened her legs and placed herself on his head
And the other one had joined the blond in sucking on the staff of Conan.

That was before the blond had opened her own legs
And allowed the space between them to be invaded by his petrified peg.

Then, a goblet had appeared in the chamber while Conan
Was unaware and it had offered a drink to each woman
Of a wine that might not had came from inside a wooden keg.

And after that goblet has been tossed aside
And the blond maiden had continued to ride
His massive staff, one of the other maidens had laid herself
On top of Conan and allowed the blond to lick her rough
Patch between her legs and let her sister take such equal stride
With the sucking of her gigantic mounds.

But that was before Conan had finally unleashed fludis by the pound
From inside his magificent staff and suddenly noticed that the sky
Had turned dark outside with no explaination of how or why.

That was when something had forced itself out of the ground.

It was a large ruby that was dark red in color.

And when he saw that each of the women had a dagger in their
Hands, a voice from inside the ruby said, "WE SHALL NOW

But before the three mindless maidens were about to kill
Him by plunging their daggers into him with such deadly skill,
Conan had shoved all three of the maidens out of the way
And thrusted his sword into the jewel to make the wizard stay
Imprisoned forever in the large gem without the power to kill
Anyone through mental command anymore.

That was before light had forced itself out of the core
Of the cracking jewel and shattered into many fragments
To reveal a man who had indeed escaped containment
Only to be destroyed by a barbarian and his deadly chore.

And when the three maidens had approached the dead
Corpse of their former master and realized that the dread
That he had caused was finally over, one of the maidens
Used her dagger to rid herself of the moment of dreadful sin
By thrusting its blade straight into her head.

And after the second maiden had done the same thing,
Conan saw that the blond looking at him before raising
Her dagger blade up to her chin, only to have Conan
Take it out of her hands and say, "A woman
With great beauty such as yours shall not do such a thing."

Then, she had looked at Conan with tears flowing out of her
Eyes and said, "I do not wish to remain here any longer!
Please, Conan! Take me away from this hateful place!
Take me away because it causes me such terrible disgrace!"

And so, they had finally left that castle together.

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