tagErotic Poetrya woman's touch

a woman's touch


when i'm in bed
i often think of you
i'm naked and horny
so there's only one thing to do
i get out my lube
i get out my toys
masturbation is
one of life's greatest joys
there's a clamp on my clit
there's a dildo up my butt
i'm moaning very loudly
i can't keep my mouth shut
i'm on my back
looking up at the ceiling
my vibrator's on my nipples
it's such a pleasant feeling
self stimulation
is one of my favorite past times
that's why i mention it a lot
in my erotic rhymes
my asshole is tight
the dildo's in deep
i'm the kinda girl
you find and you keep
masturbation is
constantly on my mind
that's why i'm always playing in my pussy
and in my sweet behind
i'm really feeling good
my nipples are swelling
i'm about to cum
is what i am yelling
cumming sends a chill
right down my spine
i know how to please pussy
and not just mine
if you want to see me masturbate
i'll let you watch for free
my show would have you saying
the fuck with movies and t.v.

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