tagErotic Poetryadjectivally speaking

adjectivally speaking


nice, naughty, nasty
they all describe me
what other adjectives
might i be
fun, flirty, frisky
they all sound about right
two things i'm not
frigid and uptight
i like to cuddle and kiss
and walk on the sand
and nibble on your ear
as we walk hand and hand
cute, silly, happy-go-lucky
i discriminate
i don't just let
anyone fuck me
talented, adorable, alluring
the one thing i'm not
well that would be
i like sex
just as much as you
there's a long list
of the things that i'll do
how would you describe me
which words would you use
i can fuck away your sorrows
and suck away your blues
i'm many different things
but they all equal good
i can even take care of
your morning wood
i'm a sexual athlete
i'm attentive and loyal
one thing's for sure
i can make your temperature boil
i can be playful
brazen and bold
with me things stay fresh
they never get old
i can be charming
i can be sweet
and if the need arises
i can also be discreet
i can be stylish
i can be funny
i can make it worth your while
for the right amount of money
i can be wholesome
i can be innocent
i can be so good
that you'll pay my rent
i can be raunchy
i can be risque'
i can be lots of things
but what would you say
i'm all this and more
but you knew that already
have i got you hot and bothered
is your entire body sweaty
i'm like the girl next door
crossed with a porn star
for quality entertainment
you don't have to look far

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