tagErotic PoetryAdvice to a Younger Man

Advice to a Younger Man

byJulia Rebecca©

I am a grown woman,
do not play with me.

I will not look away
when you give me the eye.
I will meet your gaze,
then take my turn and peruse your body.

I am a grown woman,
play with me at your own risk.

Flirt and tease and I promise
you will be the one to stammer,
you who were a child
when I first learned this game.

I am a grown woman,
experienced in strategy.

Reach out to brush my cheek
and I will not turn away.
Instead, I will capture those gentle fingers,
and nibble them until you squirm in your chair.

I am a grown woman,
advance and I will not retreat.

Care to dance?
The evidence of your desire will make me smile
and press close to you,
not blush and pull away.

I am a grown woman,
play with me and you play with fire.

Kiss me and my mouth will open
to draw your tongue within.
Retreat and my tongue will follow,
seeking a taste of you.

I am a grown woman.
I play to win.

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