Close your eyes.
Can you feel me touch you?
Breathe deep.
Can you smell my skin?
Can you hear my weeping?
The miles spread so far between.
Distance is starving me.
I die inside a little more each day.
I want to curse you, but I love you.
I want to cast you aside, but I need you.
I want to move on, but you are a part of me.
To give you up would be to give up breathing.
Miles away, I can hear you speaking.
It's your voice in my head,
Whispering sweet nothings.
It's your hand on my neck,
Stroking just so and sending shivers down my spine.
It's your lips on my eyelids,
Kissing and shushing my tears away.
You're my lover, my teacher, my daddy.
You're my nemesis, my destroyer, my death.
Take me.
Break me.
Abuse me.
Dominate me.
Just close your eyes and......


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