tagErotic PoetryAll I Can Remember...

All I Can Remember...

bySoul Of Eros©

God, that night
in your arms
for the first
time, after
all that time

all I can remember
is the way your
lips felt on mine
like rose petals
like satin, silk
like a soft early
morning Monterey
mist, cool and deep

all I can remember
is the way your skin
felt, pressed against
me, hot and cool,
undulating and moist
ready, eager, expectant
a vast expanse of desire
and need and deliciousness

all I can remember
is the color the night
made your skin appear
the subtle blue hues
that the moon was only
barely bright enough to
cast on you as we undressed
and how for the first time
in my whole life I
actually wanted to feel
blue, to taste blue, to
understand blue

all I can remember
is the way everything
seemed to be perfect
the moment I achieved
penetration, first
with my fingers, then
with my tongue, and
then, after hours and
orgasms, when I slowly
penetrated you with me
how like heaven the whole
experience was to me

and it's odd

after all this time

all I can remember



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