tagErotic PoetryAllow me time

Allow me time

bytricia DArcyspet©

Allow me Time…

i wake each day and have You on my mind
i wonder Master can feel my thoughts
For i am sending You all the love i have
And trust You’ll hold it safely

if You send me back Your gentleness
For You my love will have no bounds
if mine is the love You have been waiting for
Then open Your door and invite me in

But know that if i enter
if i step into Your life
You must allow me time…..

Time to spend caressing You,
in my arms most soft embrace
Time to spend adoring You,
To gaze upon the One i cherish
Time to speak my loving words,
Words only meant for You to hear
Time to love You tenderly,
To fulfill Your every dream

if this is time that You can give me
Then know Master my heart is Yours
And know my love will stay with You forever and a day...

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