tagErotic PoetryAn Evening T/together Part 3

An Evening T/together Part 3


He looks at her squirming on His lap and smiles…then tells her to get up and finish bringing in the food…she looks at him doe-eyed and gets back up with a sigh to get the rest of the dishes she has prepared.
He looks on the table at the assortment of food laid before Him…laying down His glass…He gets up and lights the two red candles in their holders situated in the middle of the table…then goes over and switches the light off.
He looks back at the girl…the light of the candles shining brightly over her features…the flames from the fireplace and the candles dancing over her body…He watches as she puts in a serving of each item onto His plate.
she smiles looking at her Master…as she seductively sways her hips dipping the spoon into the soup…stirring it slowly…grinning at Him.
He grins evilly seeing what she is up to and then smiles as He knows she is doing this out of love…she looks back and takes the spoon out…moving it in and out of the soup as she slowly gyrates her body.
He looks at the curves of her body and watches them move slowly up and down…she moves to Him with the spoon with some of the soup in it…she puts it to her lips and then takes the liquid into her mouth and swallows it slowly…He watches as her throat gulps the liquid down and imagines how things could be and then gasps.
she grins and then licks the spoon all the way up and down it…slurping and twisting it in her mouth…letting her other hand move up and down it as well.
He looks at her watching her carefully…smiling and getting harder as He does…His hardness starting to swell and trying to burst through His pants.
she looks at Him grinning as she turns back to get some more soup and swallow it again…holding it a while in her throat before she lets it run down smoothly…His hands go to pull her to Him but she backs away…slurping and licking the spoon as she does.
He looks at her growing at each time she swallows feeling Himself starting to want her…but she stays out of reach…just continuing until the soup in her bowl is finished…

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