tagErotic PoetryAn Evening T/together Part 8

An Evening T/together Part 8


He looks at her the hardness threatening to burst through His pants…the tease she did still in His mind…but then regains control of Himself…slowly He rises from His seat and goes over to stand behind the girl as she clears up.
she stops suddenly seeing Him approach…eyes sparkling at the thought of what He will do next…He stops next to her and motions for her to stand very still…she does as told…He moves over to her…His eyes glowing…His features hard yet gentle…she looks at Him…her heart beating faster as He approaches.
He reaches out a hand and pulls her to Him closer…kisses her deeply upon the lips and then slowly wrapping His hands around her He starts to undo the hooks one at a time…taking each one between His fingertips and opening them apart.
Undoing the last one He moves back slightly…admiring the girl standing in front of Him…then He moves back to her and gently takes one sleeve of her silks between His teeth…His hands behind His back…and starts to pull it down…slowly bringing it down her arms…His lips moist against her smooth skin as He does so.
she gasps and moans as she feels the smoothness of her silks slide down her arm and the moistness of His lips touching her skin…He removes one side then starts on the next…doing the same.
Then He moves His lips to her chest and takes the silks back between His teeth and pulls down gently letting them slide down as He pulls them…He moves down slowly…going between her breasts making sure that He does not touch them with His lips this time…the smooth material sliding down as He does.
she stands there squirming slightly…moaning in ecstasy as she feels the softness sliding over her skin…waiting for Him to touch her…but He carries on moving lower with the silks in His mouth…down past her stomach…down past her moistness…wet and hot from want of His entrance.
He finishes removing the silks with His teeth and then looks at the girl…her body exposed…her nipples hard and taught…pointing out…red from the want of His touch…He looks at her the smile on His face growing wider as He sees her breathing heavily…her chest rising and falling knowing she wants Him to enter her…but still He does not…instead He motions her to lie down on the rug in front of the fire…as she does He goes back to the table and picks up a can which she cannot see…turns around and heads back to her…

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