tagErotic PoetryAn Ode to a Birthday

An Ode to a Birthday


a party! my party! let's all celebrate
karaoke and drinking and staying out late
my selection, a list of my favorite songs
and everyone knew them and all sang along
the wine, it was pouring, the beer, it was flowing
but deep down inside me a new urge was growing
"i need me some titties!" i screamed on the mic
and the cheer that arose meant they all thought alike
"let's get on the road!" i slurred, slightly drunk
"we'll pick up a hooker! throw her in the trunk!"
the silent stares let me know i'd gone too far
"hey, let's hit a strip club! one with a bar!"
everyone thought my new plan was quite shrewd
so we got to the place and prepared to intrude
the air was so smoky, the music, so loud
i was standing hip deep in a perverted crowd
when next to the stage i spotted a vixen
her tight little body caused my heart to quicken
half-nude, she approached me, taking a chance,
licking her lips, "would you like a lap dance?"
"yes!" was my answer, bit too fast, mayhap
but i wanted this hottie to get on my lap
"this is my first time," i said, feeling nervous
i just couldn't wait for her lap-grinding service
i proffered a twenty, ATM crisp
and she hovered above me and lowered her hips
"i'll be gentle," she promised, "and then i'll be rough"
and i couldn't help thinking, "one song's not enough"
my hands started reaching as if on their own
tips of fingers on thighs as i let out a moan
over her hips and around to her tummy
this girl's hot young body was seriously yummy
i moved one hand up to cup her firm breast
the rest of her body became my new quest
emboldened by liquor, my hand slid down south
seeking the wetness of her panty mouth
she wriggled away from my hand, whisp'ring, "no,
that is the one place i can't let you go"
my face must have fallen, as she said "don't you worry.
i'll give you my number, we'll hook up in a hurry"
"we can go to my car," i tried to conspire
my pussy was throbbing and felt like wet fire
"it's my birthday, you know," i added in stride,
"you can give me my present. let's meet outside.
we can get girly juices all over my ride"
the moment felt awkward, would i be denied?
"i shouldn't," she said. for rejection i braced
"but i will 'cause i need to know just how you taste"
now the story goes on, tongues, tits, legs, mouths and such
and i'd love to explain 'bout us two little sluts
but i'm leaving it here, you'll just have to dream
and her verdict on how i tasted? "supreme."

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