tagNon-Erotic PoetryAngel in the night

Angel in the night



Who are you my ANGEL OF THE NIGHT?
Who is this vision of beauty before me?
Are you here for me to reach out and touch?
Or are you only a beautiful dream in the night?

Who are you my beautiful ANGEL IN THE NIGHT?
You are to me so very much the complete woman
Are you only the goddess of my dreams?
Just my vision of perfection created from my desires?

Do you shine only as a reflection of my fantasies?
Only a vision as seen thru the mirror of my mind?
Are you as the ripple upon the tranquil blue waters?
Shall you fade back into the darkness from which you came?

Who are you, my fantasies realized in the flesh?
Just an illusion that shall disappear to the touch?
Are you an angel cast down to me?
To share a fragment of heaven here on earth?

Who are you, my lustful desires fulfilled?
My playful banter expressed and returned?
An angel cast down into mortal bondage,
Thrust into my visions of ecstasy?

You come to me like a midnight breeze
So new, so refreshing upon my face.
Enveloping me with enlightenment.
Opening my mind to joys never known.

You are the liquid shadows within my mind,
The fluid fantasy of my most intimate dreams.
The iridescent essence of perfect womanhood,
Awakening the elusive joy of manhood within me.

You’ve brightened my horizons like a sunset,
Lighting unseen vistas as it sets over the sea.
You pass before me like a celestial comet in the night sky.
Bringing light to the darkness corners of my universe.

Are you the key to unlock my most intimate fantasies?
Or are you my ANGEL OF THE NIGHT, the fantasy yourself?
For the dream like pleasures you unchain from within me,
Unleash inspiration hidden in the shadows of my mind.

You’ve come to me my ANGEL IN THE NIGHT,
To light my way to ecstasy never known.
For you have awakened passionate desires,
That for to long were hidden deep within my soul.

You broke the chains of social conditioning.
Freed my needs of experience and expression.
Released the bonds constricting my freedom.
You are the guide to opening the doorway of my mind.

You’ve lifted the veil of instilled secrecy,
That clouded my lust, my passion, and my desires.
You tenderly opened up the depths of my heart,
To compassion that much to long was lost to loneliness.

You touch more than my heart, my ANGEL IN THE NIGHT.
You caress the sweetness of my desires.
Embracing my passion with open wings.
You lead me from my shelter within, into the joyous light.

You have illuminated my future dreams,
With the ruby glow from your passions fire.
You offer fulfillment of all my desires.
By releasing the entrapment of my tortured soul.

Your whispered words are a song to my ears.
With piercing blue eyes you see into and touch my heart.
Unexpected though excitingly like each individual warm raindrop,
Upon the flesh of two lovers on a fall summer night.

Just as the most delicate flower opens slowly,
To reveal it’s fragile beauty for me to see.
You opened up your precious heart freely,
Sharing your infinite compassion within.

Revealing the painful scars of unkind fate.
Now somewhat healed, by time and happiness found.
Sharing our pain of things loved but lost.
Healing our hearts with joys shared in kind.

Drying our tears of sadness together, my ANGEL IN THE NIGHT.
With the warmth of understanding each other’s pain.
Just as the warmth of the light of a rainbow sunrise,
Dissipates dewdrops upon the flower, for a new day has begun.

I am entranced by your complete beauty,
Your kindness, body, spirit and soul.
You are to me the essence of womanhood.
A complete fantasy of a kind I never thought I would know.

My sweet ANGEL IN THE NIGHT, do you seek my soul to entrust?
Have you come to offer yours combined?
Are we to share a downward cast piece of heaven here on earth?
Or are we to walk hand and hand together in the darkness of eternity?

I give you my love, my fantasies and most intimate desires,
For you have awakened my heart, mind, spirit, body and soul.
So who are you my ANGEL IN THE NIGHT?
Just a reflection of my fantasies in the mirror of my dreams?

Do you now fly off into the illusion of ecstasy from which you came?
Do you leave me with only my fantasies, sharing only my dreams?
Or have you come to me my precious ANGEL IN THE NIGHT,
To carry me off to heaven, into the eternal of the darkness of the night?…BWL

For my wonderful and forever loved friend, you are never forgot and always within my heart,

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