tagNon-Erotic PoetryAngel's Love

Angel's Love

byAngel Love©

Sunlight streams into our room, caressing all it touches;

Glimmering in her hair, casting her skin in a glow akin to gold;

Her lips shimmering with the slightest moisture, glazed like a field of grass at daybreak;

And her smile, so warm and free, comforting and enchanting;

Reaching out to me, wrapping me in her gentle embrace;

Taking my soul, swathing it in a cloth that can never be touched by fear or despair;

Shielding me from darkness, bathing me in her angel’s light;

With her I shall always be free, to love and laugh;

Forever, us alone here in our room, bathed in sunlight that dreams of matching her brilliance;

I would wait forever and never know the touch of another if it meant I could spend one passing moment in her arms;

I shall love and dream of her arms around me and her ample breast to rest against;

I love her my sweetest Irish lass, more than all the riches in the world;

I’ll talk to her soon, this blessed angel who has saved me from pain and lifted me up on the wings of love and hope;

Until I hear her sweet voice, like honey and pure sugar cane;

Good night, my Angel.

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