tagErotic PoetryAnticipation


byTori Dylan©

I close my eyes, and I can feel the smoothness of your chest under the dark hairs the curl in the middle. My fingertips dance across the waves of muscles of your abdomen; dipping into its dimpled cave. Rising again, over the southern edge of your navel, my face flushes hot.

I am entering the tangled trail of long silky ebony strands, and there is that temptation to hasten the trip to the delicious mountain of flesh that is growing larger. My ears finally hear the pleasure sigh that escapes from your lips, and my head now rest upon your chest.

I hold back from entering my anxious fingers under the elastic band. With just one finger, I trace the edge of where your pubis lies beneath the cotton cloth, quite effectively. I can tell by your shallow breaths and thumping heart that it is my touch that has awakened your sleepy giant.

With gentle gliding circles, I brush tender stokes against your swollen sac. I made you wait too long yet, I am giddy that you saved all of it for me. You fight the urge to push my head down, and I know that it won’t be long before you lose your patience.

I begin to lick and kiss my way down, at last. Your sweet transparent nectar comes to slowly, and I begin to suck your smooth head til it is bright crimson and you shutter for the pleasure is near unbearable. I bring the foreskin up with my puckered lips holding your cock tall and I begin the press my thighs together to give my tension some relief.

Your merciful fingers pull my upturned bottom closer. I am in sudden ecstasy – two of your fingers press their way into my wetness while I am contracting my pink goddess, forcing my blood to surge into the little bud. I am writhing, unable to think as your wide thumb insists on free passage into my dark star.

I am determined to make you cum. We have worked up a good rhythm and a fresh wave of your musk sends me over the top. My tongue makes continuous waves on the soft underside of your cock while my throat tightens and releases your head. The sweet prelude is now saltier, and I feel my hunger intensify.

My ass bucks on your hand and my moans send vibrations down your shaft and deep within your balls. You passion forces your cock deeper into my mouth, and I gag at the girth so far down my neck, my reflex is to swallow more rapidly.

Soon I am drinking down your thick fluid like your good girl, your personal mouthwhore. I can tell that you are pleased with my work by the way your fingers fuck me.

I fall to my side and your thumb now works my clit as your cream-soaked fingers curl upward, to my G-spot. Gd, I am so close…

You make me say you are my good master, and that I love to suck you off, that I love to drink down your cum, that I want your seed in me -- growing in my belly, that my body belongs to you, and that you can take my ass-virginity. And I came so hard that my hands tingled.

I get wet every time I think about it.

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