tagNon-Erotic PoetryAround Every Corner Is You

Around Every Corner Is You


I keep hoping the passage of
days will erase you
from the soft parts of
my memory.
I keep hoping that my
own sense of self preservation
will kick in and I’ll
look at you and not
wonder what’s wrong with me.

You’re not all I lost.
As good as you are, you
are only a man--
torn from me in pieces
of a whole in which
I had total faith
(pieces I called friend,
brother, twin, lover,
The dissolution of our
acquaintanceship ended not only
the wonder that was
our friendship, it
killed not only the
20 hours of no sleep
on a high
of just knowing you exist
in the world.
It also killed the faith
I had that life has
order, that a
higher power could
possibly be guiding
these endless days we call lives.
But that’s the bite behind
the glorious nature of
being so completely
wrapped up in another soul.

I am used to being alone.
It is no more foreign to
me than breathing
or waking up after
sleeping soundly.
What causes my downfall
everyday since I lost you,
isn’t being alone,
but suddenly
remembering that one day
you could see in me
so many commonalities,
and all the magic a cynical
boy will allow for himself,
and the next day, I
was somehow less than
enough to garner your
attention, let alone your wonder.
I’d gladly spend my every
future day alone, if in
doing so I could grow to
believe again that I’m worth
the time it takes to be my friend.

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