tagErotic Poetryas nasty as needed

as nasty as needed


there are a lot of freaks in the street
but none like me
i bring new meaning to the words
perverted and nasty
other chicks may front
like for anything they're down
but word on the street
is i'm the kinkiest one around
we can fuck on the beach,
in a pool, or on the train
you can piss all over me
i'll just pretend it's yellow rain
my asshole is so big
it can accomodate two dicks
you will think you're at the circus
i'll perform so many tricks
i'll put my legs behind my head
so you can tear my pussy up
and when you can't take it any longer
in my cunt you can erupt
if my father wanted to fuck me
all he'd have to do is ask
sometimes i fuck for free
sometimes i fuck for cash
i'm an exhibitionist
i like flashing people in the street
i'm a sensual, sexual lady
and about it i'm not discrete
my sex drive is higher
than that of the average man
that's why i masturbate so much
and watch porn as much as i can
i'm the ultimate freak
if you're seeking sexual thrills
i'm so damn good
people put me in their wills
if you want some kinky sex
bring your horny ass to me
i'm always ready, willing, and able
to be as nasty as need be

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