tagNon-Erotic PoetryAs She Stands Proud

As She Stands Proud


She stands tall, and she stands alone,
This brave, but wounded human being
Battered and bruised
From the hardships of loss
She remains courageous at all costs

True bravery is not measured
In times of calm or happiness
But rather in times of pain and hardships
Bruised, aye, but not defeated
She will overcome, she will beat it

Her heart will weep,
Her eyes well up with sparkling tears,
But never will she be beaten,
For..her strength is hers to keep.

Strong in the face of adversity,
Proud in her stance,
Her words have softened,
See her chin raised in defiance,
Her courageous soul is her beauty.

Watching this wonderful woman...
My friend, my hero..
She gives me hope for my own future
To believe in myself when no one would,
I will triumph as well, I'll have you know

Tall and statuesque, she stands
Her heart in her eyes
That she allows very few to see,
A true gift if you would glimpse it,
Strong is her soul, rough is her words
I see past the armor, for which she wears,
For this witty and bruised lady..

Aye, take a look
And you will see,
How she remains wild and free,
Triumphing over life's retributions,
I am so proud to call her friend,
As she walks by me.

We are oftentimes reflected by those we walk with,
Some elevate us, some bring us down,
Never compromise on who you are
Because in the end, you will walk alone.
But with this friend I hold so dear,
I have no fear
For she walks a path I also tread
In the end, friends like her
Will always be near.

*This Poem is dedicated to a great friend who has taught me that facing adversity will not harm my soul, but will make it stronger. It's ok to cry, and it's ok to mourn, but it's NOT ok to give up and die...My dear friend Miriam.

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