tagErotic PoetryAs you sleep

As you sleep


  "As you sleep"
     by Daddy
for my one and only baby girl

I sit here watching as you sleep, protecting you from every creep.

my eyes kept on you intently,
whilst you slowly and you gently  

reach up and scratch your nose,

cheeks shimmering like a baby rose.

Looking at your face I ponder, Quickly my thoughts start to wander.

What is it about you that I find so special

Could it be your smile? I think
the one which fills me to the very brink,
with love and passion like no other.
No one, nobody, not even your mother.
Even though this grin I adore, I know there must be something more.

Could it be those eyes? I wonder
Gazing in them you pull me under,
to a world of colors oh so vivid,
but mostly your favorite color, livid.

You just said something in your sleep!!! I can't believe I've missed the peep.

Looking so peaceful as you rest,

like an angel. Oh I feel so blessed.

As I watch your chest rise and fall,

all my being you do enthrall.

My weary mind starts turning, back to the question that left me burning.

What is it about you that I find so special

Could it be your keen wit? I inquire
The wit of Bilbo Baggins from the Shire.
although it can get under daddy's skin,
It never fails to make me grin.  

"This can't be it" I say out loud! The answer must be covered under some dark shroud.

Could it be your innocence? I question.
So innocent you've never needed a confession.
You seem so youthful because of this,
especially when your face is full of bliss.

Then my mind begins to stray, and leave the moral light of day.

Pulling my eyes back to you,
I think of thoughts most taboo.
thoughts of my own daughter so sick and twisted,
ones a normal man could have resisted.

Your beauty captivates all my senses, as I take advantage of your low defenses.

I lay out next to you abreast,
and slide my hands onto your chest.
caressing each breast in hand,
I realize I've had this planned.  

Every night the desire grew stronger, unable to resist it any longer.

Slowly I slide my hand between your thighs,
I rub you with force, although you seem unwise.
Picking up speed you start to moan,
making me as hard as bone.

Finally all I've fantasized about is true, as I feel your wetness seeping through.

Suddenly you wake up protesting,
As I continue on molesting.
you're Screaming and start to cry
I hold your mouth closed making you comply.

you look up at me with big red glossy eyes, with a terrified look asking me "why?"

"Daddy!" I hear you yell, jolting me awake
looking over at you i start to shake.
It was all just a dream,
or so it would seem.

I grab you with both arms holding you tightly, you're eyes and smile shining back so brightly.

"I love you baby girl" I yell out happy
"you're being strange, but i love you too daddy"
Love rushing through me like a tsunami
"and remember dad, I'll never tell Mommy"

Hearing your digression, turns my mind back to the question.

What is it about you that I find so special

The answer so obvious sending chills up my spine,
the answer quite simply,
that you're totally and completely

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