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Ass Beat-Poetry


Perhaps the Most Ridiculous, Exhausting and Profane Conglomeration of Words you Might Ever Read, I Give You: Ass Beat-Poetry

(Thoreau’s got nothin’ on me, baby!)

Author’s note: Men (or anal lesbians) if you read this beat-poem to a girl (or to another man for gays, substituting ‘his’ for ‘her,’ ‘boyish’ for ‘girly,’ etc.) whilst wearing a jauntily cocked beret to live improvised jazz, I can personally guarantee with 100% certainty that they will propose marriage to you at once. Just try it and you’ll see.

Cock-tropical girly arse shite-hole caboose

Rumptastic stank-tunnel amidst spread girly arse-cheeks; brown-hole bonanza
Cheek avalanche of girly ass-ass


A jigglin’ n’ a stankin’ whilst taking my salami n’ mushroom head to the balls
Her browneye slathered mit Vaseline, ready n’ waiting for my dick
Her veritable ass-zoo of flora, fauna n’ fart

Rumptacular stank-house rumparoni
Rumpalicious machine-gun monster-truck ass-fucking rumpozoid
‘Hello, can I buy ye a coffee? No? How ‘bout be yer anal fuck-machine?’
(If she says yes, then you know she’s a sweet Brown (hole) Betty from Chicago)

Tight cocktropolis stunk-hole bum tank ass-funk kazoo
Tight spandex n’ jeans hugging massive girly shit-pillows galore…
Ass-smorgasbord, bum-matrix, a veritable Nation of Ass in that babe’s pants

Playin’ the harmonica by the ol’ outhouse down by the bayou
Wearin’ her shit-ring, her golden-brown wedding ring (so tight ‘round my cock)
Baby bitch big blueberry bum rump thumpin’ mit mine dick
Stanktacular pornorumpic assketeer anal-babe mit maxi-mega-ultra superbum gas tank
Shit-box, asshole, fart-tank, ass-melons, rumpdiculous bum-stunk funkaroo
Shitstankulous anal girly hot tight Vaseline-tube for my dick
Betwixt big beautiful girly bum-pillows of ass; a rumpathon ass-festival to ensue
Thongtacular rump-ass shit-hole brown shit cock-hole jamboree
Butt-grouch panty thong skid mark enema disco bazooka anal jerk-hole
Rumpaholic shit riot of ass-bag pumpin’ cock-piston girly anal fucking
Stanktacular rump roast skidoo!
Hollywood disco shit burger drive thru stunkaroo
Shittacular arse-stank ass patrol
Rippin’ shit-bonanza

I’m fuckn’ her Vaseline’d asshole mit just the cock-head, or if she’s a real rumpketeer
Sankin’ me cock-piston up her arse-tank shit-tube to mine balls like a jackhammer
(She calls me ‘her deep anal-jackhammer man’ when I’m up her Vaseline’d shit-hole
She’s such a gorgeous ass-rocket flare gun sexy stank-hole’d anal-junkie magnet!)

Shit-hot babe with big butt boobs asshole stink tight rectum butt-fuck
Exquisite rump shite bitch girl stank-baby sexy fuckin’ babe
Stanking tight-ass girly Vasaline’d shit-hole extraordinaire
Skinny-ass bitchin’ tight stanky hot fuckin’ Vaseline’d brown-hole
Asstacular rippin’ hot girly-babe sexy fuckin’ round double barbeque heiny…

Heidi: pigtail’d mountain fuckin’ sexy heiny’d ho

Rumptacular shite-stunk ass-bag stunkaroo
Cock-hole shit stank fucker shaved-pussy n’ designer-thong’d ass-girl
Rainbow Bright rump piston shit flyin’ cock squeezing arse-walls
(Rainbow Bright!?) fuckin’ 1980s fantasy retro rump
Retro shit-girl
Princess Leia’s willing sphincter takin’ my hard dick to the balls…

Shittastic perfectly sculpted derriere n’ tight lubed-up bum-duct
Bumderful ass-model exquisite
Rumptastic hot-chocolate relaxed lubed-up girly dump-vortex ‘round my cock
Asstacular donkey shit-babe local brown-whore spreadin’ her ass-cheeks
Sexy stanktastic spread-heiny’d blonde thong-girl on all fours
Her back forever arched low (bazooka-tits blastin’ forth up on the other end)
Rectal ass-whore, fart-box brown-fuck shit-stank rumptacular caboose
A winein’ n’ a dinin’ n’ a rectal shite stank cock takin’ to the balls ass-girl
Underneath the bridge at the local gas tank ass-party
(Ain’t no strngers among us monster-truckers n’ ass-fuckers)

Asshole sniffin’

Tonguin’ Betty’s smooth clean chocolate rump-hole, press’n m’face into that shit

Waxed pussy n’ A-hole for the smooth sailin’ o’ mine dick up the bitch’s lubed crack
My dick, the apple of the shit-girl’s winking browneye
The rump of the babe now outthrust by the burnin’ barrel
Thong down, asshole up, cheeks spread open like the gates o’ Disneyland

Slip my cock in, push it in, fuck it in, up her ass, up her bum
Slide it in, thrust it in, press it in, up her hole, up her shit-box
Arsetacular shit-stank bonanza!

Butttacular rump-stanking bitch-thong rumpa-boom ass!
Rear-globe squeezin’ asshole cock-penetratin’ hot shit-tunnel cock-probin’

‘Chamber that thirty-aught-six rifle rear-end, baby, with my fuckin’ dick!’
(Watch out Willy, that asshole could kill)

Shotgun-bum, arched-back oiled naked ass-babe spreadin’ her ass-cheeks
Ass-bag fuckin,’ big girly ass-pillow rammin’

(…Just one or two more thrusts o’ my cock up your big girly ass in this state, baby
An’ I’ll pop my diamond-sugar sauce deep up yer sweet brown-hole for sure)

Feelin’ rumptarded from da rumpa-rumpa boom-fuck ‘toot-toot!’ n’ veritable ass-tornado

She’s a butt-shark, she got some blue-whale-ass for my bitch-ridin’ dick

Ass-nipples butt-tard stank-maiden rump-hole rectal bazooka canoe palace
Hot-pants telebikini panty shit-sister poop-shack waxed asshole Rumpageddon
Uber-heiny sport-butt cock-hole, Vasaline’d shit-hot bumderful girly stank-hole
Tight, clean, ass-hot, Vasaline’d n’ brown, shit-master Rumps-Royce bum-trunk
(My dick is her ass-key)
Shit-barge fart hotel giant gumball bum-cheeks n’ pump organ poop-town cock-socket
Her cavernous gaping manhole, I peer into dat shit, then reinsert my dick
Megan Summers’ legs spread 180 degrees and my cock up her stank-hole to the balls

…Butt-humpin,’ shit-muffin heiny-damsel blonde triple-holed sex-hippo
Shit tank rubber bum fucker jiggle slappa butt rump crinkle funk sex skidoo
Yielding sphincter jet bubble inferno firey rump-hole slutty ass-girls of Chicago
(My wet shaved balls slappin’ her waxed pussy underneath like a sack o’ rubber eggs)
A hurricane of ass cheeks flyin’ my way, up my rod to the root
Shit-hole fuckin,’ tight rectal cock-squeezn’ brown-womb
Pressin’ my shit so deep up her tight hot arse!
Cummin’ up her tight hot bum…
Up her tight hot ass
Her tight hot shit-hole…


Anal rectal cumming
Tight anal rectal cumming down by the river
Underneath the bridge
By the burnin’ barrel
At night

Up her ass
Up her bum
Up her ass





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