Ass Play


I think about
The sex we had last night
The feel of you inside me
Felt so right

It started with you
Kissing my lips
Then you moved
Your hands to my hips

We undressed each other
With our lips still tight
Into the bedroom we went
Needing each other with all our might

We lay down
On the bed of mine
I straddle my legs around you
And we sixty-nine

Soon you get me off
At the same time I get you
You taste so good
You haven't a clue

I position myself on top of you
Face to face, on my hand and knees
My breasts in your face, nipples hard
And you start to play with these triple D's

You play with my breasts
Squeezing, licking, sucking them hard
Soon your penis again arises
And you ask to play in my backyard

Slowly I start to lower my body
So you penis can slip inside
Into my ass I let you
And I begin to ride

I ride slow at first
Until you're in me as deep as you can
Then I ride you hard and fast
While over my clit moves your hand

I keep riding you hard
As you rub my clit with force
I begin to reach my first orgasm
But I am not a par 1 course

Three more orgasms for me
Then I feel that you're done
Now it's time to sleep
For tomorrow we can have more fun

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