tagErotic Poetryass to mouth

ass to mouth


sure it's a tad unsanitary
but you've got to die some way
what's a little ecoli
for some hot ass to mouth play
bisexuals do it
gays and straights too
if i said i've never tried it
that wouldn't be true
after a hot anal screw
your cock gets stuffed in my face
the mixture of your cum and my ass juice
makes for an interesting taste
now your ass is hungry
so you spread your cheeks for me
and i go to town
sucking your asshole greedily
your bunghole tastes good
and i've got your rosebud all sloppy
i love eating your browneye
there isn't anything that could stop me
with your ass juice on my tongue
i give you a passionate kiss
so have i peeked anyone's interest
are you ready to try this

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