tagErotic PoetryAssertive Reversal

Assertive Reversal


The light turned off behind you
Making your familiar curves new mysteries

It was so hard to keep my voice authoritative
“Tonight” I said “you will do precisely what I say.”
I expected you to say ‘no’
Fall back into our normal pattern
With me the sub

You gave me that petulant look
That ‘prove it’ look
My will flopped back and forth like a coin in the air
But I spoke up, deep voiced:
“Stand still, face away from me, take off your pants and shirt.”

You hesitated, raised eyebrow then tossed your hair and turned
“Like this?” as you pulled off the shirt and dangled it
The pants next, button, zip and shake of the hips
I wanted to rush up and enjoy you
But I let you wait and wonder

I approached slow
Ran a finger down your spine to the crack of your ass
Would I go in?

I ran my hands up your sides, just near but not quite
taking your breasts
I held myself back from habit
No light kisses of reassurance

With a snap I unhooked the bra, straps across the shoulder
Down and away
Your breath came faster
“Do you want me?”
You nodded, wordless

I ran my hand around the side
Took your breasts in my hands
Teased the nipples between my fingers
In that way that always works for you

I grabbed your hair
Pulled you down to your knees
Your surprise was evident in the clumsy way you settled
“Turn around, take out my cock, tease me with your hand and mouth.”

When you turned and looked up
I could see you see me
Like you’d never seen me before

For a moment, I almost said:
“You don’t have to, sorry.”
But I held the apology
I held firm
I became firm

You obliged, unbuttoning, finding me
“Like this?” you ran your tongue up and down
I wanted to moan but I said “more, use your hands too,”
You did, I let you work for a few moments
“That’s good, stand next to the bed, bend at the waist
Lay your chest on it.”

I didn’t help you rise like I normally would
You went slow, uncertain for once
You stood for a moment, before leaning over
I waited for you
Then gave you ass a playful slap
Your breath caught

I rubbed the spot
Gave the other cheek the same
2 or 3 more to make my point
You were mine
Tonight, you were in my control

I slid your underwear down
Let you stand there
Presented to me in the light
“I’m going in, push back against me.”
You obeyed
The first thrust as delicious as ever

I wanted to go, just that way
But as your excitement grew and I got close
I said:
“Get on the bed, lay on your back, spread your legs.”

You smiled at me as you did
I took off the rest of my clothes
It felt so familiar, I held back my normal eagerness

Waited a moment, just watching you
Letting my eyes run up and down
Taking all of you in
I could tell you wanted it
Wanted to go

I came to you like a lion
Looking down at your anticipation
I entered with an assertive thrust
Hitting just that spot we found
That makes you go

I wanted your pleasure first
Wanted to keep that power
I held myself back til you were moaning and thrashing
You tightened up, closed your eyes and shuddered
As the pleasure filled you up

I went my last few strokes
Till I felt it surge through me
I laid on top of you for a moment afterwards
Finally out of character
I laid my head on your chest
And let you hug me tight

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