tagErotic PoetryAstronomical Passions

Astronomical Passions


A blanket on the sand
The ocean breeze
briskly blowing through my hair
Your crystal blue eyes
locked with mine
Your velvet lips find their place,
crushed upon mine
Upon my moistened flesh
do your kisses travel
The warmth of your breath
softly caressing the nap of my neck
Your hands wonder,
seeking out my lush bosom
Gentling cupping and caressing
my pale milky white breasts
Your teeth tenderly grazing
across my neck
Passionate sensations
rising through my body
Your whispering words of wanting desire,
set my soul on fire
Upon the blanket
I lay you
My lips finding their way
over each inch of your tanned flesh
Tasting you
the very essence of your passion
My tongue seeks
the warm moist confines of your mouth
Tongue to tongue,
entwined in a passionate dance
Slowly my hands travel
over your bare chest
Lovingly caressing you,
as my legs find their way over you
My wet treasure
pressing firmly against you
Your shaft,
hardening beneath me
Bound within
the confines of your jeans
Your fingertips dance up my skirt,
along my thighs
Lightly nipping at your ear
Moaning softly
from your delicate touch
My hands move down,
finding your jeans
releasing you
Beneath my fingertips
your thickness begins to twitch
Wrapping my hand
around your throbbing member
Feeling your passion growing
as well as your shaft
Pulsating and throbbing,
rock hard within my grasp
You nibble upon my ear,
whispering of your aching desire
Your desire to be inside me,
to feel me,
to fill me,
to be one with me
Soft moans escaping my lips
in delight of such thoughts
Back you push me,
allowing yourself to sit upward
Your lips begin to travel downward
to my heaving breasts
My bare moist treasure
dripping heavily onto
your hardened shaft
Leaning back,
my hand guides you
inside of me
Slowly moving deeper,
gasping loudly
Feeling my treasure expanding
to accept you fully inside me
As your thickness is engulfed
by my soaked treasure,
Your tongue
encircle my nipples
One then the other,
then sucking it into your mouth
Your arms locked
around my waist
My hips begin
grinding against yours
Thrusting them
hard and fast unto you
Forcing you deeper each time
Heartbeats racing,
bodies burning with
overwhelming passion
My hips,
Riding you hard,
heavy and fast
Your hands move
upon my hips
Gripping them firmly,
holding them down
as I begin to shake
As my body trembles,
waves after waves
of pleasure engulfs me
My nails dig
into the flesh of your back
My teeth find and sink
into your shoulder
Moaning loudly
refusing to give into my orgasm
You grip my hair,
pulling my head back,
exposing my neck
Your teeth delve deeply
into my flesh
My body explodes
with fiery passion
my orgasm rages
A loud moan escapes your lips
as your thickness explodes
Feeling you releasing
your warm seed
deep in my treasure
Filling my body and soul
with your passion
Screaming your name
as I am engulfed
in sheer ecstasy
Our orgasms combining,
Astronomical passions
buried deep within our bodies
Slowly your fingers
slip from my hair
My head falls
to your shoulder
Our breathing
begins to slow
You wrap yourself
around me as we lay
Cuddling beneath
the now indigo sky
Watching the remainder
of the sunset.

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