tagErotic PoetryAt the Feet of my Mistress

At the Feet of my Mistress


Author's Note: Dedicated to the love of my life. I can't wait till we are husband and wife!

Naked but for a leather collar,
I sit on my knees and wait.
Patiently I face the front door,
No matter that Mistress is late.

She has plenty of shoes lying nearby,
And weak, I take one in my hand.
I breathe deep of Her scent, loving it,
And my cock swiftly starts to expand.

I'm quite hard when the door finally opens,
And my Mistress stands there before me.
I bow low, and She says, "Good slave.
Are you prepared to adore me?"

"Yes, Mistress," I say, as She raises a leg,
And I remove the shoes from Her feet.
I gasp with lust for She has no socks,
I see Her toes bare underneath.

My Mistress smiles, knowing my fetish,
It makes me Hers forever.
"Come, slave," She says, and leads the way,
To the bedroom to serve Her pleasure.

She lies on the bed, lounging out,
And makes sure She's comfortably okay.
Then commands, "Foot massage, slave,"
And instantly I rush to obey.

I take Her feet and work the soles,
Caressing to relieve Her tension.
I long to kiss and worship them too,
For Her feet are my obsession.

"Very good, slave," She moans,
When my wonderful task is done.
"Next my clothes," She commands,
"I now have need of your tongue."

I help Her get nude, a wonderful sight,
And my gaze falls on Her tits.
Feet and boobs, I could cum right there,
But somehow I hold on and resist.

She reaches up to my collar,
Taking hold of the metal ring hanging there.
And pulls me down to Her wonderful breasts,
Which I begin kissing and licking with care.

She lets me go, leaving me free,
To lick Her body and tease Her right.
I roam all over, pleasing,
As my Mistress moans in delight.

I kiss breasts and legs, even Her ass,
And suck on the fingers of Her hand.
Her feet, alas, are forbidden,
Without Her explicit command.

I enjoy Mistress's naked body,
And get ever harder as I work.
Especially when She shows approval,
And reaches up to give me a jerk.

I moan out loud when I feel Her hand,
My erection delights with Her touch.
Then She laughs and pulls away,
Not exciting me too much.

She is warmed up now, feeling horny,
So She hooks the collar with Her thumb.
Directing me between Her legs,
And orders, "Make me cum!"

Eagerly I take to licking,
And plunge my tongue deep inside.
Meanwhile She writhes and moans,
Her pleasure She won't try to hide.

Finally Mistress cries out in joy,
And shudders with orgasmic release.
I ensure that I have served Her well,
And only then my efforts do cease.

Kneeling I await Her next command,
Ever Her willing slave.
Fuck my ass with a strap-on, run Her a bath,
Whatever my Mistress does crave.

"You've done well, slave," She says at last,
"Your service is nearly complete."
And I am consumed with lust as She adds,
"You may now worship my feet."

I fall down before Her, take hold of a foot,
And press it against my nose.
I breathe deep of Her feet, getting high like an addict,
And moan obscenely into Her toes.

I soon start kissing and licking the soles,
Tasting the foot so divine.
Giving in to my lust I suck on Her toe,
And let Her feet take over my mind.

While I focus on one, the other is free,
And Mistress gives this foot some direction.
While I obsess with her right, she takes the left,
And strokes her toes up my erection.

Her foot on my cock, I love it so much,
And I moan ever louder with ecstasy.
"I give your permission to cum," She says,
"Take that cock, slave, and jerk for me!"

I grip the shaft and start wanking,
Rubbing the cock head against Her sole.
While continuing to lick and kiss,
The other foot that I hold.

And this is it, the height of joy,
The fetish by which I'm enslaved.
I cum and cum, orgasm intense,
It feels so good to be so depraved.

And then I'm done, left a mess,
Lying there as Mistress stares.
She loves to watch me orgasm,
She watches, and She cares.

I love Her so very much,
Our time together is great.
And I know that we'll do this again,
Next time my Mistress is late!

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by eatb6404/03/18

A heavenly place to be!

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