tagErotic PoetryAussie Limericks 181-200

Aussie Limericks 181-200


‘The limerick’s an art form complex
Whose contents run chiefly to sex
It’s famous for virgins
And masculine urgin’s
And vulgar, erotic effects’
      Rupert Hart-Davies

AUSSIE LIMERICKS     (81 -100)

There was a young lady from Byng
My God how that lady could sing
Broke all the town's glassware
The clock in the church square
And made both balls of everyman ring

There was a young lady from Cabarita
Met a cabbie who just loved to eat her
And with that course replete
Fuck on the back seat
Keeping time to the tick of his meter

There was a young lady from Cabramatta
Who longed for the sound 'pitter, patter'
Not from babies' small feet
But from men that she'd meet
As their hands, on her bum soundly smacked her

There was a young lady from Calulu
Over whom there was quite a to do
From a trip she came back
With a chap who was black
Not just that but a practising Zulu

There was a young lady from Camden
Went riding, quite nude on a tandem
She became intertwined
With her lover, behind
She steered while he pumped with abandon

There was a young lady from Cammeray
Found out that her lover was gay
They remained as pair
As they found out that the're
Many men who will swing either way

There was a young lady from Campbell
Who nude in the hills loved to amble
But gave up the sport
After once being caught
By a troop of boy scouts on a ramble

There was a young lady from Charnwood
Who loved really hot Pakistan food
And the waiter who ate her
A little bit later
Said the spice made her pussy taste - ‘Darn good’

There was a young lady from Chifley
When asked her requests answered stiffly -
‘I like taking repose
On a couch with no clothes
And have men kneel down and just sniff me’

There was a young lady from Chisholm
Who formed an aversion to jism
She just couldn't bear
The mess in her hair
And the way it set hard on her bosom

There was a young lady from Civic Square
Was renowned for her odd patriotic wear
And some also knew
That the red, white and blue
Continued below in her pubic hair

There was a young lady from Chullora
Would wear, when it rains, a fedora
But those that knew best
Liked her tight, thai silk vest
And her panties, that were made of angora

There was a young lady from Clontarf
Liked best a really long bath -
Alone - as men knew
Just one single view
Of them, in the nude, made her laugh

There was a young lady from Clyde
Found her lover one morning had died
With a hard-on, in rigor
So she rode it with vigour
Then lay down beside him and cried

There was a young lady from Cobar
When dining made quite an odd faux pas
‘Tween the main course and sweet
Outside she would creep
For quick sex in the car with the chauffeur

There was a young lady from Concord
Liked the sounds of her love to record
Though there's grunting and panting
And occasional ranting
Of his feelings, there's never a word

There was a young lady from Coogee
Tried hard to be more than she could be
Taking classes and courses
To improve her resources
Confusing what was with what could be

There was a young lady from Cook
Who preferred not to do, just to look
Took shots telephoto
Wrote descriptions in toto
Of her beaus, who'll appear in her book

There was a young lady from Cooma
Was known for her strange sense of humour
And some of her deeds
In relieving men's needs
Were the cause of many a lewd rumour

There was a young lady from Corin Dam
Was left by her mum an old linen fan
When she'd got it quite clean
Found a rude raunchy scene
Of a girl being screwed by a foreign man

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