tagErotic PoetryAussie Limericks 41-60

Aussie Limericks 41-60


'The limerick's an art form complex
Whose contents run chiefly to sex
It's famous for virgins
And masculine urgin's
And vulgar, erotic effects'
Rupert Hart-Davies


There was a young lady from Berowra
A rich man had said he'd endow her
With cash, rings, a fur
And, as a voyeur
Boy friends he would still allow her

There was a young lady from Berry
One drink would make her quite merry
Two or three made her scream
Things really obscene
So she usually did not drink any

There was a young lady from Bexhill
Whose faith made her stay off the pill
She could never have used
What the church had refused
Now an unmarried Mum - she will!

There was a young lady from Black Mountain
In her grounds had a phallus-like fountain
It sounds a bit daft
But right up the shaft
Sweet peas she'd around and around trained

There was a young lady from Blacktown
Who a boy chased around and around
His style made her dizzy
She said - 'I wonder, is he
Out to catch me - or make me fall down?'

There was a young lady from Blaxland
Spent most of her time with a rock band
They teased her a lot
And got her quite hot
Then they gave her her own one night stand

There was a young lady from Blayney
A place that's remarkably rainy
She loved screwing outside
But the rain made her hide
Not just soggy and pale - but quite grainy

There was a young lady from Bombala
Displayed every year at the gala
And offered a prize
Of an hour 'tween her thighs
Which one year was won by her father

There was a young lady from Bong Bong
In her room kept a large, shiny brass gong
Her men would all flock
Each waving his cock
When its sound they would hear - 'Bonggg, Bonggg'

There was a young lady from Booroomba
Who died for her love, who entombed her
When they read out her will
Found his reason to kill
To prove it they had to exhume her

There was a young lady from Boro
From her mates their lovers would borrow
They had fun in the sack
But then had to go back
To the friends, to her very great sorrow

There was a young lady from Bourke
Whose love was as thin as a fork
He'd got thinner and thinner
From poking it in her
And is now quite unable to work

There was a young lady from Braemar
Who had habits just like her dear grandma
Knitting and sewing
To church often going
And frequently fucking with grandpa

There was a young lady from Braddon
Some men's hearts, with her walk would gladden
For all those that could pay
She'd lewdly sashay
There were more, who were poor that she'd sadden

There was a young lady from Bright
Who many thought 'would' others 'might'
So one night at a dance
When one saw a chance
He tried, but found her too tight

There was a young lady from Bringelly
Whose pussy was really quite smelly
Had both washed it and sprayed
But the bad odour stayed
And flies swarmed around on her belly

There was a young lady from Broadmeadow
Became, while a bride, a sad widow
When she took off her nightie
His cock got so mighty
His blood pressure dropped fatally low

There was a young lady from Brogo
On her bum had her company's logo
Trademarks on her tits
And a few other bits
But her career was still only so so

There was a young lady from Brungle
Had hair round her pubes like a jungle
It was so curly and dense
It needed a fence
But she felt sure that the job would be bungled

There was a young lady from Bruton
Removed from her soup every crouton
Putting them safe
In her secret place
For her lover, much later to munch on

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