tagErotic PoetryAvian Avenues

Avian Avenues

byCal Y. Pygia©


Lackluster years of fears and tears
Brought us closer;
Although we did not touch,
Our flesh seemed to coalesce,
But that was just a dream
I dreamed somewhere between
The Fool and the Wheel of Fortune's
Draw, when I was naïve enough to think
That cards foretell one's destiny.

Now, when I see you, through a fall
Of tears, I no longer feel afraid
Of tomorrow or wish it were yesterday;
We were close once,
But only in my mind, and now I have changed
And my thoughts, like sparrows taken wing,
Have flown to perch in other trees
More distant than your blind and bloody eyes


The sky is dark
And heavy--
Pregnant, some would say--
With clouded judgments
That may fall
At any time,
Pounding lawns with their lead
And making me wish,
Again, that one of us were dead.

I wait beneath the weight
Of thunderheads,
My face upturned and streaming
With my tears,
In hope of receiving
The mercy of lightning
Delivered with the certainty
Of thunderous indictment,
Convinced, as I am,
That my execution is nigh
And hopeful that it may be
Quicker than I deserve,
That I no more must bear the pain
Of hoping we may soar
Above the coming flood.

Blackbirds drown;
They sink
In the lead
And fall
Like dark comets
With electric doom;
Doves fly
To mountaintops
Steeped in liberty;
Tonight, one way
Or another,
I pray the storm
Shall set me free.


The palm trees
In the backyard
Sway before the wind.

It is stiff
Tonight and drives hard.

I stand and watch
From within the safety
Of my house,
Feeling snug and smug
And cozy in the warmth
And light,
Watching the night rise
And the wind blow,
Cold and dangerous
As a god invisible
But present
And enraged.

Perhaps the palm trees
Shall be windmills
Or pinwheels
Or whirligigs
Of some kind,
Running and spinning
Before the wind
The way my heart runs
And spins when you
Are stiff and drive hard
Against me, cold
In your lust for pain.

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