Do you hear the song of my heart,
Can you see its music dancing within my eyes.
Touch my face, so that you may feel the magic of my skin,
Look into my eyes and see the woman within.
I have known that I wanted you, from the start.
Dance with me, make my spirit sing.

My lips are like the most tender of roses,
Its color rivaling the ripest of berries.
Come to me,
Kiss me,
Taste me.
Awaken me, for I slumber upon the mound of fairies,
Deep in the ancient forest, where I repose.

I yearn to rest my head upon your strong chest,
As my fingers run along your sword arm,
The arms that hold me safe from harm.
Until then beloved, I await thee under the ancient oak tree to rest.

Delicate butterflies of a multitude colours,
Flutter around me;
So ethereally
Their wings touching me in playful banter
Yet I remain unaware in my slumber.
Come to me, oh knight of mine,
For I intend to love thee for all time.

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