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I already know you, your touch my own.
I have felt that touch
in a thousand restless dreams.
How can you comprehend the depth of my desire
seeking its long-awaited expression in your arms?

You say you wish to know me as I know myself.
I must give whatever you ask of me, of course.
Desire robs me of choice.

My awakening has begun.

Your fingers so gentle and confident,
not the least bit tentative like my own.
You trickle them down my back so lightly
I wonder if I am even awake.
When your arms enfold my waist, I know I am.

I have waited my life for just this one kiss.
Have I actually willed this? Was it that simple?
Your mouth so very soft, my breath is gone.
When you take my face in your hands,
I can only close my eyes
and return the gift to you.
Oh yes, I know this kiss.
I know it well.

I want to discover you, to uncover you,
to unlock your mysteries.
I have been hungry my whole eternity
for just this moment.
Your hands so practiced, roaming lengths,
exploring depths, fingers resting on wetness.
I am absorbed by the mirror image of your body
next to mine, the white of your skin,
the curve of your hips.
Your own wetness revealed under my awkward touch.

You end and I begin, I know this to be true
but those lines are insignificant.
We exist in the same space.
I am lost to the pleasure of your fingers, mouth.
These things make me forget everything
that is not you.

So alike we are, you and I.
I long to imprint the taste of you on my mind,
the essence of you on my very soul.
You open yourself to me and make the realization
of dreams so very possible.
I will sleep no more.

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